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Dr. Weinstein to face the music

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When Stuart Levine needed to get something off his chest, he usually called his buddy, the doctor.
That is, Dr. Robert Weinstein.
Weinstein's never figured prominently in the multi-year Blagojevich probe, but he's a figure worth noting.
Tomorrow he'll be sentenced in federal court after he pleaded guilty to a tax fraud count.
Levine, a member of two state boards, who turned into one of the most significant cooperators this town has seen in some time, bounced his crooked ideas off of Weinstein.
The two laughed about Levine's attempts to shake people down.
They plotted together about funneling illicit cash.
They created a charity just so they could rip off another charity.
And it was all caught on tape.
Their conversations were played at last year's trial of convicted influence peddler Tony Rezko.
Levine's confessions to Weinstein led the FBI in all kinds of directions including to Rezko's door.
Levine, who separately admitted to all-night binges on cocaine and Crystal Meth with other men at the now-shuttered Purple Hotel, at one point tells Weinstein about a multi-million kickback scheme.
"I'm drooling," Levine confesses.
Weinstein warns him: "Don't salivate."
Weinstein could face up to three years in prison for not disclosing he stole $3 million from a charity.

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