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Blago to take part in 'Rod Blagojevich Superstar' this weekend

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As his wife braves self-absorbed reality TV stars and other creatures in the Costa Rican wilds, Rod Blagojevich this weekend will venture into another jungle: the Second City show mocking him as a corrupt, vainglorious buffoon.

The ex-gov will take part in Saturday's performance of "Rod Blagojevich Superstar" at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, the company said Wednesday. Second City vice president Kelly Leonard declared himself "both excited and horrified."

It will be Blagojevich's first time seeing the four-month-old musical, although he interviewed its stars during a March fill-in stint on WLS-AM (890).

The "Superstar" run recently was extended through Aug. 9.

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It is killing him that his wife is getting all the attention now...He needs to be medicated, he has a serious case of ADHD.

Here's a down-right criminal with no conscious, still out making a mockery of the seriousness of our justice system.

The media should quit reporting on this clown with no conscious. He's old news.

Can't wait for the smile to turn to a frown, begging for mercy when it comes time to throw him in the pen.

Quit giving him the exposure he thrives on.

Who cares? Who would pay to see a psycho with no conscious? What another embarrassment for Illinois.

Let's see the smirk and tears when he's sentenced. The media should quit reporting on him. That's what he wants. He's old news.

Blago is making a mockery out of our political system. Here's a guy who thinks it's a joke, for all he's accused of doing. Anyone who attends his latest "ACTICS", not "ANTICS" are supporting a real psyco who has no conscious. The less the media exposes him or the antics of his wife, the better off IL will be. He's a joke.

I have no sympathy for either, and find it absurd that anyone would help support this guy who made IL a laughing stock in the eyes of the nation.

I can't wait for that smile and laughter to turn into reality when he's sentenced for wrongdoing. Surely he'll turn on the tears, and beg for mercy.

That Blago family cares only for themselves.
Wouldn't waste a minute watching that psycho family.

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