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Blago pal Kelly faces foreclosure -- open to guilty plea

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Longtime Blago adviser, fund-raiser and friend Christopher Kelly, who has been in the government's sights for years, may roll.
On Tuesday, Kelly lawyer Michael Monico left open the door to his client pleading guilty in the final two cases he faces in federal court.
Kelly was sentenced last week to 37 months in a third case.
"That remains to be seen," Monico said when asked if trial were a certainty. "We're reviewing the evidence, we intend to pursue the results that are in the best interests of Mr. Kelly."
Though Kelly has flirted with flipping on his longtime pal, he's so far made no deal with prosecutors. But Monico has previously hinted that the two sides have had discussions.
Having picked up a felony conviction after pleading guilty in a tax fraud case, Kelly faces stiffer sentencing possibilities in the remaining two cases.
The plea in the tax case was not accompanied by a cooperation agreement.
Monico's comments came the same day a bank moved to foreclose on Kelly's home.
Old Second National Bank filed a $2.1 million foreclosure notice Tuesday on Kelly's Burr Ridge home.
In addition to the tax case, Kelly was indicted in an O'Hare Airport contract fraud scheme and is a Blagojevich codefendant, accused of corruption during the ex-governor's reign.
Kelly's cooperation would be a coup for prosecutors. Kelly, a longtime confidant to Blagojevich, was active in Blagojevich's first run for governor and his first-term administration.

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i think they intend to pursue the results that are in the best interests of Mr. Kelly.

chicago politicians are scum of the earth

The feds have all they need on Blagojevich, they're even going to ingnore the "Companion Security" deal, which in my opinion was the worst of the worst...The feds want Kelley to cough up information on King Richard not Blago. And if the feds want Kelley to flip on Daley they had better have a pretty big package to give him in return.

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