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Will Blago pal, Kelly flip?

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Three times may just have been enough to charm a former friend of Rod Blagojevich into talking with the feds. But it hasn't quite gotten Christopher Kelly, who has been indicted three times, to cooperate.
It's the first time the former top fund-raiser has flirted with flipping on his longtime friend.
Sources say Kelly has been in some talks with prosecutors, but so far, the talks haven't amounted to Kelly's cooperation.
That was evidenced in an adverse hearing Tuesday, in which prosecutors fought a Kelly bid to delay sentencing in the first case against him. Kelly pleaded guilty to tax charges in January.
"I cannot comment on anything we've said to the government," said Kelly's lawyer, Michael Monico. "We are facing two upcoming trials and nothing has been decided. The government and Mr. Kelly have not reached any agreements. Mr. Kelly at this point is proceeding to review the evidence in the two pending (cases)."
Monico referenced the amount of pressure the feds have put on Kelly, who is a onetime adviser, fund-raiser and longtime friend to Blagojevich. Kelly was indicted for a third time April 2, along with the ex-governor on corruption charges.
"This case shows more than anything, the power of the government," Monico said.
Monico is seeking to delay Kelly's sentencing on the tax charges until after he gets more evidence for the other two cases against his client. Prosecutors opposed the bid. Monico said in court that prosecutors often delay sentencing when it is in their interests.
That includes the case of fund-raiser and state board member Stuart Levine, who was initially charged in 2004. He's become a significant cooperator for the government and has yet to be sentenced.

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Longtime Blago adviser, fund-raiser and friend Christopher Kelly, who has been in the government's sights for years, may roll. On Tuesday, Kelly lawyer Michael Monico left open the door to his client pleading guilty in the final two cases... Read More


The feds don't need Kelly if they have Harris & Rezko, he should take a deal if one is still available. Who in their right mind would take a bullet for the Jerk Blagojevich??? I hope Harris & Rezko are talking about the Companion Security deal, that was the worst of all Blago's dirty deeds. Bringing unvetted Iraqi militants to Illinois to train to use AK-47's for a payment of $100,000 is unforgivable.

It's only a matter of time. Anyone facing the amount of prison time Mr. Kelly is looking at will think of family and himself first. And give the number of documented reported as evidence, this is going to take a L-O-N-G time.

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