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Want to represent Blago? You'll have to take a "pay cut"

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Any lawyer who signed up to represent former Gov. Blagojevich already knew there would be an issue with getting paid. Unlike some of the well-financed pols who are charged criminally, Illinois ex-governors can't seem to come up with the cash to pay for their own defense.
On Friday, a federal judge made it pretty clear that the best option for Blagojevich's lawyers to get paid was to go on the public dole.
And that means getting paid $110 an hour.
"They're not particularly high, but they're not all that low either," U.S. District Judge James Zagel said of the hourly rate.
He said there is a "significant pool of highly able lawyers who are willing to work for that fee," knowing that trying such a case would "enhance their reputation."
Regardless of the judge's remarks, many high profile attorneys consider the rate paid by taxpayers a significant pay cut.
Some of the lawyers who have tentatively signed on to represent Blagojevich are paid upwards of $500 an hour.
But the probable team, made up of -- Sheldon Sorosky, Sam Adam Sr., Sam Adam Jr. and Allan Ackerman -- have agreed that, in the "worst case scenario," they would agree to the $110-an-hour fee, defense lawyers in the case have told me.

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