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Prosecutors: Blago evidence is "manageable"

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Prosecutors say the evidence they've turned over to defendants in the Blagojevich case is actually pretty manageable.
That's in response to all the griping from defense lawyers that the mountain of evidence turned over by the government would take 51 years for a lawyer to review.
"In short, the discovery in the instant case is manageable and not as
complicated as the defendants suggest," Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar wrote in a court filing.
Prosecutors seem to tell Judge Zagel that the millions of documents and 400 hours of recordings sounds more daunting than it is. They say they turned over a detailed index, making it easy for lawyers to search through and that they've turned over stuff in an electronic format -- which is easily searchable.

Further, they say that a good number of the documents were turned over in an abundance of caution. "It should not take long for the defendants' counsel to quickly
determine that many of the documents are not relevant to their defense," prosecutors wrote.
"This is not a situation in which the government simply tendered boxes of unlabeled documents to the defense," they say.

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