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Judge denies new sentencing date for Blago pal

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A longtime friend of ex-governor Rod Blagojevich will be sentenced by month's end as planned. Christopher Kelly lost a bid to push the sentencing to October. He asked for the extension because since pleading guilty to the tax fraud charges he was hit with two more indictments -- including one in which he was charged along with Blagojevich.
Sources told the Sun-Times Kelly had some discussions with the government -- the first sign he's flirted with the idea of flipping. But sources also said Wednesday Kelly believes he could wage a fight against the charges in the Blagojevich indictment.
Kelly's lawyer, Michael Monico, told the Sun-Times Tuesday that he's reached no agreement with prosecutors.
"We are facing two upcoming trials and nothing has been decided. The government and Mr. Kelly have not reached any agreements. Mr. Kelly at this point is proceeding to review the evidence in the two pending (cases)."
In denying his motion, Judge Elaine Bucklo wrote: "Defendant's motion states that his request for a lengthy extension on his sentencing date is to give him "sufficient time to reasonably assess the propriety of a global resolution" of two other cases in which he has been indicted. That does not actually impact any potential sentence in this case, however."

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He won't come clean, then just give him the maximum sentence.
Stop babying the crimminals an lock em up, an vote the rest out.

What happened to the 2003 Planning Board charges which were at pages 19-23 in the December complaint? They are nowhere to be found in the Blago superseding indictment. What happened to them?

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