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How fast can you spend $2.3 million?

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If there's $2.3 million in the Friends of Blagojevich fund, how long would it take three lawyers to run through it at $110 an hour?
The computations come after a judge said he'd appoint three lawyers to represent Blago.
• If three lawyers are paid $110 an hour and each bill 40 hours a week, that's $13,200 a week.
• If all three work 52 weeks a year at that pace, that's $686,400 annually.
• $2.3 million divided by $686,400 brings us to 3.3 years.
• If the defense got what they wanted -- seven lawyers (four for trial and three others for prep) they'd potentially burn through $30,800, a week.

BUT, there's many other variables.
• Defense lawyers say they'd likely bill 30 hours a week per atty (not 40).
• Judge James Zagel said he'd consider appointing a fourth lawyer -- not for trial -- to oversee evidence.
• He also said he'd allow additional contract lawyers to be paid through the fund in preparation for trial. He said they were likely to make "significantly less," than the $110/hour.
• Lawyers representing the interests of Friends of Blagojevich campaign fund say there's other overhead costs to pay.
• Blago lawyer Shelly Sorosky wants to also tap the fund to pay for office space where the defense can set up camp and house hundreds of thousands of pages of documents.
• Assistant U.S. Atty Reid Schar said the fund was meant for Blagojevich's future runs for governor: "That is now never going to happen, ever again," Schar said of the impeached ex-governor.

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Mr. Schar is mistaken, everyone who donated to Blagojevich in the past 18 months knew it was going for his defense, that is if they ever read a paper...but you have to remember we are talking about Blagojevich...Did he record all cash donations, and payments for favors??? I don't think so, if he takes a page from D.T.Frawley he probably has an account in the carribbean.

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