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Here's the Burris audio

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Listen to the recording

And this is what Burris said in a Feb. 4 sworn affidavit:
I recall that Gov. Blagojevich's brother, Rob Blagojevich, called me three times to seek my assistance in fund-raising for Gov. Blagojevich. The first conversation was in early Oct. 2008, and he other two were shortly after the election. During the first conversation I asked Rob Blagojevich what was going on with the selection of a successor if then-Sen. Obama were elected President, and he said he had heard my name mentioned in the discussions. In one of the other conversations (I believe the last one), I mentioned the Senate seat in the context of saying that I could not contribute to Gov. Blagojevich because it could be viewed as an attempt to curry favor with him regarding his decision to appoint a successor to President Obama. I did not raise or donate any funds to Gov. Blagojevich after the fund-raiser on June 27, 2008.

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