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Burris transcript: Vindicating? Or eyebrow-raising?

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Roland Burris' lawyer, Timothy Wright, said Tuesday the release of the transcript would finally settle questions about the junior Senator from Illinois.
But two members of the Illinois house impeachment panel said the tape raised additional questions. One member said it showed Burris was not truthful in his Jan. 8 testimony to the panel.

In the tape of a Nov. 13 conversation between Robert Blagojevich and Burris, Burris talks extensively of ways he could donate to the governor without it making him look bad publicly.

Consider these exchanges:
BURRIS: God knows number one, I, I wanna help Rod. Number two, I also wanna, you know hope I get a consideration to get that appointment.
BURRIS: And I'm trying to figure out how to deal with this and still be in the consideration for the appointment.
BlAGOJEVICH: I hear ya. No, I hear ya.
BURRIS: And, and if I do that I guarantee you that, that will get out and people said, oh, Burris is doing a fund-raiser ad, and then Rod and I both gonna catch hell.
BURRIS: And if I do get appointed that means I bought it.
BURRIS: If I don't get appointed then my people who I'm trying to riase money from are gonna look at me, yeah, what what's that all about Roland. I mean, so, Rob, I'm in a I'm in a, a dilemma right now wanting to help the governor.
BURRIS: I know I could give him a check.
BURRIS: Myself
BURRIS: And, and my law partner we were gonna try to do something at the law firm. I might be able to do this in the name of Tim Wright.
BURRIS: Okay, 'cause Tim is not looking for an appointment, okay.

Read for yourself (go to page 12) burristranscript.pdf

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Burris is just like Blagojevich, they both seem to think the louder and the longer they talk the more believable they's just not so...It's just like David Letterman said,"the more I see you, the more I think, hey this guy is guilty".

oh my god leave the man alone ! let him be ! no one care anymore we have moved on ! i think you guys are bullys you made yourself look like bullys ! not everyone is perfect there are alote of people who support roland becouse the media ia out of control the way you came up on him wow !

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