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Burris audio will not be made available -- at least for now

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Audio of the wire-tapped phone call between Roland Burris and Robert Blagojevich will not be made public -- at least for now, a spokesman for federal prosecutors in Chicago said today.
U.S. Attorney's spokesman Randall Samborn said his office is not releasing the audio of the Burris conversation, citing a court order that authorized its release to the U.S. Senate ethics committee -- but not to the public.
A transcript of the calls were made available by the court and docketed, which is why that was public yesterday, Samborn said.
A transcript of the Nov. 13 conversation between Burris and Robert Blagojevich was released yesterday showing that Burris feared he'd be shunned publicly if he donated to the governor while he sought the appointment.
"I'm trying to figure out how to deal with this and still be in consideration for the appointment," Burris said.
"If I do get appointed, that means I bought it." Burris ends the conversation saying he'll send Rod Blagojevich a check by Dec. 15.
Robert Blagojevich's attorney, Michael Ettinger, said he supports releasing audio of the tape, saying the tape is favorable to his client.
"There's not one word about quid pro quo," Ettinger said. "There's no pressure. It shows that he wasn't pressuring Burris at all."

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