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Scoop: $110-an-hour ? Blago lawyers will take it

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Lawyers for Rod Blagojevich plan to give up their efforts to seize unlimited control of the ex-governor's $2.3 million campaign fund and instead let the judge parcel it out for attorney's fees. They plan to tell Judge James Zagel in a written motion this week that
they'll give up their fight to gain control of the fund, defense lawyers tell the Sun-Times.
Zagel previously said that if defense lawyers did that, he was likely to tap it to give them money for legal fees -- but at a rate public defenders are paid.
Zagel also warned the fund will quickly run out of money, leaving lawyers to turn to public funds. Zagel last week gave lawyers two choices: 1) ask for a hearing where they'd argue why Blagojevich should have unlimited control of the fund. 2) agree to give up control, allowing Zagel to oversee the money.
The court oversight would mean lawyers would be paid $110 an hour, instead of upwards of $500 an hour that some pull in. (The unemployed Blagojevich has said he doesn't have the money to fund his defense)
It also means that Zagel will decide how many lawyers Blago can have.
The number is a big issue for the defense team, who say they need help getting through 3 million documents and 400 hours of taped conversations.
The defense is expected to lay out that part of the dilemma in court documents this week and ask Zagel to appoint enough lawyers to get through the evidence in a reasonable amount of time.
So far, Shelly Sorosky is the only attorney signed on to represent Blago.
But those unofficially on the team, pending court approval, include Sam Adam Sr. and Sam Adam Jr. as well as Allan Ackerman.
Prosecutors, arguing the money might be seized, argued that defense lawyers should not have unfettered access to the $2.3 million. Without a limit on the rate of fees, they argued, lawyers would draw down the fund immediately and then ask to be put on the public dole.

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What were they thinking???They had to know perfectly well going into this that he is not only a difficult client but destitute as well and completley incapable of raising the money for this kind of trial...and no one is going to come to his rescue like Auchi and Alsammarae did for Rezko. He should knock on Frawley's door they're two peas in a pod.

It does not matter. All they money will be gone before he knows it...I as a taxpayer have a hard time with paying his legal bills. Why should we? I am quite sure he has a nest egg stashed somewhere in another country....This guy is NOT poor....Pleaseeeeeeeeee !

Just cop a damn plea....When your so called friends start ratting on you....your gonna wish you did.....

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