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What was in that Tiffany bag anyway?

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A real Tiffany candle and candle holder -- along with a note of support.

So the plan this morning was for Blago to meet up with two deputy U.S. Marshals at the Dunkin Donuts across the street from the federal courthouse and they'd make a clandestine approach to the building.
It didn't work so well.
The media caught on and sabotaged them as they tried crossing the street.
While en route though, someone handed Blago a Tiffany bag with a box in it.
It contained a Tiffany candle and candle holder as well as a note that said something along the lines of: "Good luck. We know you're innocent. You did good things for the people," according to comments made by the ex-governor himself and his lawyer, Sheldon Sorosky,
How someone had a gift ready for Blagojevich at that moment remains a mystery.

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I woulda guessed wrong, Bessie. AA thought it was a dainty sterling hacksaw.

It's not a mystery to me, Blago likes to write and direct the theatrical world he lives was all staged just like his radio show, when the guy phoned in about the hookers next door. He's totally full of $hit.

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