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Stephen Baldwin says: 'Leggo my Blago'

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Actor Steve Baldwin says he's willing to travel to Chicago to convince a federal judge that Blagojevich should be able to leave the country, fly to Costa Rica, and film a reality TV show.
Baldwin says he's going to start wearing a handmade button on his lapel proclaiming: "Leggo my Blago."

Have we jumped the shark yet?

Here's press release from PR firm:

Stephen Baldwin Offers to Appear Before Judge to Get Rod Blagojevich in Costa Rica

Actor says he's willing to travel to Chicago if it will help the former governor get permission to leave the country. - April 24, 2009

(PRNewsChannel) / Los Angeles, Calif. / One of the stars of the upcoming NBC reality show 'Help, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!,' wants to help get former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich in Costa Rica to participate on the show.

Stephen Baldwin says he's willing to go before Judge James Zagel to get permission for Blagojevich to join him in Costa Rica on the show.

"If there's an opportunity to go before the judge and it would help the situation I would be more than happy to go," Baldwin told the former governor who is in L.A. to help promote the reality program airing on NBC in June.

Baldwin said he believes people are innoncent until proven guilty so everyone should still be under the assumption that "he's innocent."

The judge ruled earlier this week that he would not alter the conditions of Blagojevich's bond to allow travel to Costa Rica for the reality show.

"I would love for Blagojevich to be on the show," Baldwin says. "He would add intensity and spice."

Baldwin, also in L.A. to help promote the new show, says he will start wearing a handmade button on his lapel during interviews that proclaims 'Leggo My Blago.'

With the role of the former governor in the new NBC reality show still unclear, Blagojevich's publicist welcomed the support of the Hollywood actor.

"I think it's great that a Hollywood star like Stephen Baldwin is behind the governor," says Glenn Selig, founder of the PR firm, The Publicity Agency (, which represents Blagojevich. "Rod really appreciates his support."

Blagojevich is in Los Angeles with Baldwin and other stars to help promote the upcoming reality show, which he hopes to still have a role in at some point.

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Who Cares Anymore Quit Printing this S_ _ T No wonder why people don't read the paper anymore

Stephen Baldwin a celebrity? Puh-lease.

I take great exception to some New Yorker or L.A. trying to teach us a civics lesson in Illinois. Talk about the blind leading the blinder! Given the utter duplicity of Blago's reign of political terror, I'm surprised that you'd (born again or not) fall for his quoting scripture to cover his bleeping behind. We're all sinners and we can only seek reconciliation if and when you admit our mistakes. I'd be holding back my support until the discovery materials are proffered.

Stephan Baldwin is a loser! Someone should tell him Chicago is not L.A and Federal Court Judge Jame Zagal is not Judge Judy. We are in for a show like never before, I look forward to it.

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