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Rod explains hair secrets: "I came of age in the disco era."

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The secrets of Blago's hair -- so famous, some wondered if it could face indictment separate from the governor -- are finally revealed.
He's not a conditioner guy.
And no blow dryer. Just some shampoo -- and lots and lots of combing.
A TMZ reporter pounced on the former governor in the Los Angeles airport today and posed some of these lofty questions. Blagojevich is in Los Angeles to promote "Get Me Out of Here, I'm a Celebrity," a reality TV show a judge won't let him join.
The first question Blago faced as he walked out of the baggage claim area: "What kind of hair care products do you use?"
Blagojevich, bag slung over his back, explained: "I came of age in the disco era, when you know, the brush was like an extension of your arm."
Is he a conditioner kind of guy, the reporter insisted?
Blago smiled. "Shampoo." Then Blagojevich pulled back: "Are you making fun of me?"
"Nah, nah."
Asked how long it takes him to get ready in the morning, Blagojevich said:
"Man, I just towel dry and I'm on my way.
Last question:
"What would you pay for a lifetime supply of hairspray?"
Blago finally stopped playing along. "I have a lot of priorities in life, that's actually not one of them."
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