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Rod Blagojevich 'flying' in front of a green screen

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Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich eagerly became a Hollywood high-flyer, but his hair paid the price.

During filming Thursday of a promotional spot for the NBC reality series "I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!" Blagojevich was strapped into a harness and hoisted in front of a blank "green screen" to simulate a parachute jump.

Wind machines mussed his famous mop of hair for the spot filmed at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, standing in for the Costa Rican jungle.

"I'm a Celebrity" will be shot in Costa Rica, but according to a federal judge's ruling this week in Chicago, Blagojevich won't be there. The ex-governor was refused permission to travel abroad while he faces trial on racketeering, fraud and other charges.

"Perhaps I can play some other role in the show," Blagojevich said, adding he was glad to support the series with promotional spots. He said he wasn't sure if his contract provided payment for the promo work.

NBC declined to comment Thursday on what his other participation might include. During his California visit, Blagojevich was to take part Friday in a "I'm a Celebrity ..." news conference.

At the arboretum, Blagojevich's business suit and necktie looked downright formal compared to others involved in the filming. At one point, his glance strayed to a statuesque blonde wearing a bikini top and skimpy skirt ‹ and a bystander caught him looking.

"I'm a Clinton Democrat," the ex-governor responded, smiling.

He turned serious when asked about his pending case, which includes allegations that he schemed to sell President Barack Obama's former U.S.

Senate seat.

Blagojevich, who said he had agreed to appear on "I'm a Celebrity ..." to help support his family, compared himself to other Americans who "have lost their jobs and are seeking to rebuild their lives." He said he's looking for other opportunities, without offering details.

"That's how life is. Sometimes you have some disappointments but you've just got to keep moving and knocking on doors," he said.

In refusing to modify terms of Blagojevich's bail to allow him to leave the United States, U.S. District Judge James Zagel said Blagojevich should focus on his case and a defense strategy for the serious charges he faces.

"I appreciate him saying that. He's right, of course," Blagojevich said. He said he is "innocent of all allegations" and eager to get the legal process going.

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He missed his calling, he should have been a TV host, a reality star, even a commentator...he loves the camera....and he gets paid more money.

Isn't this idiots 15 minutes just about up? Why is this news? I really don't get it....Next story please..

"I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!"
His last words when they slam the cell door on him.What a pathetic loser.

What embarrassment to his poor daughters

what an embarassment to the state of Illinois

Why did they give him a chute? I'm sure everyone would have appauded if the last scene was giant cartoon word "SPLAT"

The entertainment media is playing into this psychopaths hands by playing this game. Rodless's message is getting out there. "See, I'm not the big bad boogieman everyone thinks I am, I have a sense of humor, big smile & helemt hair. What's not to like" My answer: A total LACK of character & integrity.

Stop promulgating this fools message FOR HIM!!!!

I think more of us should commit crimes so we can ignore the implications of them and be on reality shows. What a pompous ass?

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