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No Costa Rica show means a $123,000 loss to Blago

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A judge's denial of allowing Blagojevich to film a reality show means a financial blow to the out of work Blagojevich.
He stood to earn $123,250.00 if he were on the Survivor-style reality show until the bitter end, according to a defense motion. He more than likely would have been paid about $60,000 for the show, according to the filing.
The filing also reveals that Blagojevich was paid a $21,000 advance on his book, which is due out in October.
The defense motion says Blagojevich and his wife, Patti, have been "out of work," since January. It told the judge that Blago sought to take part in a TV series filmed in the "harsh and unpleasant circumstances, in the natural terrain of Costa Rica." Blago and others "would then be required to combat the elements and work with each other."
The motion said denying Blago a chance to go to Costa Rica would bring "unnecessary and extreme economic hardship upon the defendant and his family."

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