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John Harris working on plea deal. Will be witness.

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Blago's ex-chief of staff John Harris is working on a plea deal that will likely be finalized in 30 days, his lawyer, Terry Ekl said.
Ekl joked that his client wasn't asking for permission to head off to Costa Rica (that's where Blago wants to go to film a reality show.)
"John's reality is right here in this building," Ekl said. Ekl said Harris has been providing "truthful information to the prosecution. We anticipate that John will be called as a witness in the trial of the governor and others," Ekl said.
The Sun-Times first confirmed Harris' cooperation in mid-January.
Ekl said one thing is clear from Harris' cooperation, that his client never did a thing to benefit himself.
For today, Harris pleaded not guilty. William Cellini and Chris Kelly also entered not guilty pleas with Cellini' lawyer, Dan Webb, vowing to sever his client from the Blago case.
Webb said the government's move to meld the Cellini case with the massive allegations against Blagojevich could bring "extraordinary prejudice" to his client.

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We can finally find out what happened to the $100,000 dollars Frawley gave him to give to Blagojevich for the Savanna site, will there be charges brought against them for that???,CST-NWS-rezko07.article

There is no way Blagojevich was just going to give away the Savanna site, "it's f#c8ing golden". I hope for Harris's sake his story matches up with Frawley's and Rezko's on the Companion Security deal.

Ya think Daley's a little nervous???

The charges against Cellini are part and parcel to the Blago Enterprise conspiracy. He is alleged to have pressured Capri Capital for campaign donations to FOB, not for a donation to the DAR.

I'll be impressed with Webb if he is successful in this effort. I suspect however that judge's response will be comething akin to; "if you lie down with dogs, you're bound to get fleas", motion denied.

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