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Indictment coming? Blago's gone to Disney World

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Tomorrow could be the day that a grand jury indictment will be returned against ex-governor Rod Blagojevich -- but if that happens, he won't be around to see it.
He took his wife, Patti, and two daughters to Disney World in Florida.
I'm told he checked into a resort earlier today and is expected to be at one of the theme parks tomorrow if an indictment comes down.
The timing of an out-of-town escape was likely no accident.
Blagojevich knew an indictment was likely to be returned this week because the grand jury had an April 7 deadline (Tuesday) to return it.
The grand jury considering the matter meets on Thursdays. If he is indicted tomorrow, there's nothing that requires Blagojevich to be in town or show up in court immediately. That will be set up for a later date.
So Thursday, when camera people stake out his Ravenswood Manor residence and TV reporters set up their live shots -- they're likely to do it in front of a dark, empty home.

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Announcer: Rod Blagojevich, you have just been indicted by a Federal grand jury, what are you going to do?

Blagojevich: I am going to Disney World!

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