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Fitzgerald takes witness stand

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U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald took a seat in a different chair today -- as a witness in a trial. (No, this has nothing to do with Blagojevich, but I think it'll be of interest to Blagoblog followers anyway.) His testimony comes in the trial of deputy U.S. Marshal John Ambrose, who's accused of leaking secret witness protection information that made its way to the mob. Fitzgerald described an intense, more than two-hour session with Ambrose in 2006, in which Ambrose was brought to the FBI office in Chicago under false pretenses.
Ambrose, who was the number two in the Great Lakes Fugitive Task Force, was told to come to the FBI headquarters to discuss a terrorism fugitive.
He arrived to find Fitzgerald and FBI chief Rob Grant in the room, ready to question him about how sensitive information about protected informant Nick Calabrese ended up in the hands of the mob. Fitzgerald said Ambrose's carotid artery pulsated in anxiety, that he appeared was stressed and at times exasperated.
"I bleeped up. I bleeped up," Fitzgerald said Ambrose told them. "I shot my mouth off -- but it's not what you think."
Ambrose was turned over to case agents and assistants for further interview.
Fitzgerald made his way back to the federal building courtroom -- to watch the sentencing of former Gov. George Ryan. As he awaited the sentencing to begin, Fitzgerald said he jotted down notes from the interview.

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