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Blagojevich Superstar: Taking the news and making it rhyme

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While watching the Second City production "Rod Blagojevich Superstar," last night I was immediately struck by the familiarity of the jokes.
Punch-line after punch-line, the crowd chortled. But the punch-lines were, well, real. I finally leaned over to my husband: "They're not making that up, that really happened." (Or at least, it was alleged to have happened.)
"I guess if you take the truth and make it rhyme, it's pretty funny," he said of the musical.
The crowd that packed into the Shakespeare Theatre last night sure thought so, laughing pretty heartily throughout.
In one example, the character playing U.S. Senator Roland Burris approaches the mop-headed Blagojevich and tells him he needs help finding a job for one of his kids.
"Roland or Rolanda?" Blagojevich asks, to which everyone laughed (those are really the names of Burris' children.)
He says Roland Burris Jr. needs a job because "he was foreclosed on a property he bought for $1."
Again, the packed theatre bellowed in laughter. But the Sun-Times reported the foreclosure in February.
Now, of course, there were plenty of exaggerations and actors interjected stuff that wasn't true at all.
But overall, the troupe boiled down the six-year Blago saga into a ripped-from-the-headlines comedy, done in one act.

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