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Judge tells Blagojevich he can't go to Costa Rica for reality show

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Rod Blagojevich enters Dirksen Federal Building four a court hearing Tuesday morning. (Brian Jackson/Sun-Times)

A federal judge said that former Gov. Rod Blagojevich cannot go to Costa Rica to film a reality show.

"I don't think this defendant in all honesty ... fully understands the position he finds himself in," said U.S. District Judge James Zagel.

"I have to do it for my kids," Rod Blagojevich said this morning, before his court hearing, explaining that he needs the money the NBC reality show would pay -- as much as $80,000 an episode.

Blagojevich asked Zagel if he could travel to Costa Rica to appear on the "Survivor"-style reality show "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here." 

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He dosn't seem to grasp the trouble he's in or does he??? He knows the feds have tapes and many of his old friends cooperating, the feds have Harris for petes sake! This guy knows everything and maybe he'll finally elaborate on the Companion Security deal and the $100,000 that changed hands between him and Frawley.

Judge didn't say Blago couldn't get a job...just couldn't leave the country. Doesn't seasonal hiring at Dairy Queen start soon?

The judge didn't say he couldn't work, just couldn't leave the country to do it. Doesn't seasonal hiring at Dairy Queen start soon?

Thank you Judge Zagel for your good sense. Now please issue warrants for the arrest of the NBC executives who extended the invitation. Charge them with gross stupidity and make them give the Blago monies to worthwhile charities.

Thank GOD there is a sitting judge left who has a modicum of good sense. I can't believe Blago even had the nerve to ask. SHEESH!

Now Blago can't leave to make a living? where is ihe going to escape to, the Costa Rican Jungles?

Several years ago I remember the Senator Mel Reynolds story, the man was accused of talking dirty to some girl on the phone who turned out to be a lesbian anyway , she was under age at the time and he lost his job as Senator and he lost everything, his home, his money , his wife, everything, and who took his place as senator? Jessie Jackson jr. Obviously it was a set up and Jessie Jackson Jr. just happened to be running for Senator,This doesn't sound very different.

It seems to me they were wiretapping his phone for a long time, long before Obama left office , I think this was a set up too, since when can you arrest someone for just talking trash on the phone, he didn't threaten anyones life, he wasn't accused of anything so why were they tapping his phone ot begin with, he cursed, big deal, I wish I had a dime for every time I cursed on the phone, you think you are talking in the privacy of your own home but there is no such thing anymore. The man didn't commit murder , he didn't do half the things that other officials have done and got away with,actually he didn't really do anything,just talked trash. who is involved with this case too, Jessie Jackson Jr. He claimed he never asked for the job or offered anything for it yet now he has done a complete about face, he should lose everything too, he always seems to be invot7an65ut he hasn't made anyone mad so he will get away with it.

Well.... The Judge did take away is job, his incoming accounts receivable from the senate seat, and now blocks him from being a celebrity on a reality TV show....

And I thought the USA was a "free market" economy.

Good idea, Jack. I can just imagine some of the challenges:

-Self Tatoo
-The Skinhead obstical course
-Weapons from ordinary prison issue items.
...the list goes on. Help me out here people!!!

If the name of the show is "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here," it should be taped at the Federal Correctional Facility.

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