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Blago won't get special courthouse treatment Tuesday

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Come Tuesday morning, our former governor will likely walk through security, take off his jacket, run his items through a scanner and show his ID to court house security.
A spokesman for the chief judge of the federal courthouse said today that when former Gov. Rod Blagojevich appears for his arraignment Tuesday he will get "no special treatment."
Joel Daly said Blagojevich will enter and exit the building just like the public.
That will only change if the judge in Blagojevich's case, James Zagel, issues his own order, Daly said.
It's likely to be a madhouse Tuesday at the Dirksen Federal Building as Blagojevich, his brother, Robert, former fund-raiser Chris Kelly and Springfield powerbroker William Cellini are all expected to answer indictment charges.
The charges came down Thursday and accused the men of wide-ranging fraud within state government.

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The ex-governor does have to show up tomorrow and is expected to be here -- along with his brother, Robert, and his onetime friend, Christopher Kelly. He's not expected to be in court again after that for some time. After arraignment, subsequent appearances by defendants are usually waived by a judge.

Is he not waiving the arraignment? He doesn't have to show up at all.

"De La Verga Will never be taken alive!" is all they will hear as Blago jumps to his death from the courthouse roof. -The Classics

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