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Bizarre Blago radio

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Photo by Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson/Sun-Times
Rod Blagojevich answers questions after hosting a WLS radio show this morning.

In a sometimes bizarre radio show this morning, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich castigated lawmakers in Springfield, complimented a young actor who portrays him in a comedy spoof and says he was "highjacked" from his post as the state's chief executive.
In one of the more bizarre exchanges, Blago told a young actor who portrays him in the Second City comedy "Rod Blagojevich Superstar" that he's doing a good job and that he hoped to make it out to one of his shows.
The actors then told the ex-governor all about their recent gig in Springfield, saying he must really be disliked there because they had a sell-out crowd.
Everyone -- including Blago -- laughed. Blago then blamed his lack of popularity Downstate on a Republican-controlled union that is pro-taxes.
Blagojevich otherwise seemed at ease on air, took questions and seemed to have an answer for every one of them.
He spent much of the two hours criticizing lawmakers, by name, who were so-called "double-dippers," by being on public payrolls while serving as "part-time" legislators.

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