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Gillespie joining Blago legal team

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Veteran defense lawyer Terry Gillespie has joined the Blagojevich legal team, offering another banner name to the group representing the former governor.
Gillespie met with other lawyers on the ex-governor's legal team last night for several hours where he was debriefed.
Gillespie would not immediately return a call for comment but others with knowledge of the decision said he is on board.
Gillespie is the longtime law partner of Ed Genson, who quit as Blagojevich's lead counsel earlier this year amid divisions within the trial team and a disagreement over the publicity.
Gillespie is a good fit, lawyers on the case say, because he recently prepared for the Ed Vrdolyak trial and, most importantly, is up to speed on the cross examination of a key witness in both the Vrdolyak case and in Blagojevich's case -- Stuart Levine. Levine wore a wire on Vrdolyak and recorded incriminating conversations. Gillespie prepared to cross examine Levine but Vrdolyak suddenly pleaded guilty. He was just sentenced to probation. Others on the case include Sheldon Sorosky and Sam Adam Sr.

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