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Fitzgerald on Blagojevich: 'I was out jogging."

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At a news conference this morning about mortgage fraud, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was asked whether he listened to former Gov. Rod Blagojevich on WLS 890 AM today, Fitzgerald smiled and said no. "I was out jogging," he said, then ended the news conference.
Blagojevich filled in for Don Wade and Roma on the "Wade and Roma" show for two hours this morning.
Blagojevich is expected to be indicted on corruption charges before an April 7th grand jury deadline.

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Yes, I am sure Pat was out jogging, trying to alleviate his anxiety and guilty conscience "no doubt" for slandering a man for his own personal agenda. I don't believe one word of this nonsense. It is nothing more than a set up and a pathetic attempt to ruin anothers life and career out of a personal vendetta and political agenda. I don't think those in this country who are of higher intelligence will fall for it either. I am a Catholic, born and raised, and I pity Pat and anyone else who is involved in such activity as trying to ruin anothers career and reputation with their false allegations, as this is nothing more than "bullying" and a power play, which is a clear misuse of power, and as a Catholic I know that God sees all and in time will right all wrongs done by those who are sinful. The bible says "Do unto others as you would have done to you", all true Catholics and Christians know this saying and live by it. Unfortunealty this world is made of many who claim to be of the lord, but live a life that is the opposite. I don't see the govenor as the problem, I see those who are setting him up as the problem and that is the real issue which needs to be dealt with.

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