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Blagojevich: Feds have Blago on tape -- and on the record

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There's no question that secretly recorded phone calls of the ex-governor will be in play when an indictment comes down in upcoming days.
But what's been long forgotten is what happened in the early days of a corruption probe into the Blagojevich administration.
Federal agents sat down and interviewed a key witness: Rod Blagojevich. He was better known then as "Public Official A."
There was more than one interview (Blagojevich has said there were "two," a court filing references "multiple" interviews) but they nonetheless happened.
And one session happened with a court reporter in the room, getting everything down on the record, sources tell me.
It is a federal offense to lie to federal agents.
Among the questions in their sessions was whether Blagojevich promised access to state business in return for donations.
Blagojevich reportedly denied it, according to the filing.
Two government witnesses who testified at the trial of fund-raiser Tony Rezko last summer said under oath that the conversations took place.

Here's the filing (footnote on page 49) blago.pdf.

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If Tony Rezko and Dan Mahru are cooperating with the feds then they are more then likely to explain about the Companion Security deal. There is no way Blagojevich was just going to turn over a military site in Savanna for free...In an article written by Tim Novak & Chris Fusco of the Sun-Times stated that an email was ok'd by Rod for the Savanna site and just the day before Daniel T. Frawley's home was robbed of $100,000 in cash and 3 guns, coincidence I don't think so. Also it has been reported that Dan Mahru stated that $1 million dollars was payed from Rezko to Ayham Alsammarae for the Security contract in Iraq for the Electrical Ministry.,CST-NWS-rezko07.article

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