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Blagojevich target list: So who gave?

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The Chicago Sun-Times revealed today in an exclusively obtained document, just who ex-governor Blagojevich wanted to hit up -- or did approach -- for money in the final months of last year. Authorities charge that he was in a race against a Jan. 1 deadline that banned him from taking contributions from those who sought state business or were appointees. Blagojevich assembled the list with his campaign fund, sources said, at a time when federal charges were looming and legal bills were mounting.

The list -- an early form of which was turned over to the FBI last October -- contains dozens of names of people who wanted something from Blagojevich or already received something -- including appointments, state business, or help keeping state business.
"The FBI has obtained a copy of that list, which identifies individuals and entities targeted for campaign contributions, as well as amounts sought from
those individuals and entities," The criminal complaint that charged Blagojevich in December indicates. It goes on to say that secret FBI files reveal other potential conflicts of interest. "A comparison of the names and entities on that list with information available from public sources and FBI investigative files reflects that numerous of the individuals and entities on that list have state contracts or have received public benefits conferred by ROD BLAGOJEVICH, such as appointments to positions in state government."

Here are matches for people or entities on the list who actually contributed between July and December of last year. Blagojevich was arrested Dec. 9. Subsequent fund-raisers were canceled as well as donation checks.

Accurate Group $10,000 9-3
American Survey and Engineering $5,000 10-7
Barkel,Gilan/Dr. Virani $2,500 8-19
Bonan $5,000 11-20
Cable $15,000 10-21
Chin, Ray $500 12-3
Clifford, Bob $10,000 10-14
Conion, Kevin $2,000 10-24
Deleo, Jim $5,000 10-30
DeVry $500 11-3
Dorris, Dave $10,000 11-3
Feroz, Nathanial (in-kind) $3,151 10-16
Geocare $10,000 11-10
HNTB $5,000 8-27
JD Stokes $1,500 8-27
Kapadia, Dr. $2,500 11-13
Kelly, John $1,500 12-5
Kraft Foods Global, inc $2,500 11-13
Kulass, Julian $2,000 9-23
Lakhani, Monsoor $2,500 8-19
Leving, Jeff $5,000 10-7
McDonough, James $1,000 10-16
Nayak, Rhagu $7,500 12-6
Nadinic, Boro $2,000 10-23
Peoples energy $10,000 8-11
Stanley Consultants inc. pac $5,000 11-19
Stough Group $10,000 7-10

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