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Blago to interview spoof of himself on radio

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When former Gov. Rod Blagojevich hits the airways 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, he'll have on as guests two stars of the Second City spoof "Rod Blagojevich Superstar."
That includes Joey Bland, who plays Blagojevich, and Mike Bradecich, who plays Ald. Dick Mell and U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. The Second City show is a foul-mouthed portrayal of the ex-governor's legal woes and takes shots at Blagojevich as well as his wife, Patti.
Blagojevich is sitting in on the regularly scheduled "Wade and Roma" show while they're on vacation. He was a guest on the program just last week after he took a hiatus from a full-blown media blitz earlier this year.
Blagojevich's continues his on-air presence even as a federal indictment is expected to drop in a matter of days. The deadline is April 7 and prosecutors are not expected to ask for an extension.

In the meantime, I'm told that there's more media expected in Blago's future. Stay tuned.

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Blago is definately determined not to wither away to the oblivion of disgrace. I suspect he will hover around enough for peoples perception and disgust toward to fade, then perhaps play political strategist for other like-minded prospective candidates, and am afraid, with some success.

He should ask "how do you play a loser like me and
keep your sanity?"

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