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Blago to host radio show -- interview guests

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In a bizarre twist to his multitude of media appearances, former Gov. Blagojevich will host the Don Wade and Roma radio show Wednesday morning on 890 AM.
For two hours, (7-9 a.m.) listeners can tune in and hear the former governor and ask guests questions.
The big unknown now is just who will be a guest on his show. Word is that some names knocked around last week were longtime political insider Eddie Vrdolyak and recently convicted city hall official Al Sanchez.
But just who would agree to be questioned by the ex-governor who is charged with trying to sell President Obama's Senate seat is expected to be announced later today.
"He's excited about hosting," says Glenn Selig, Blagojevich's publicist. "He's ready for the challenge and promises to be a fair interviewer. He'll also be tough when he needs to be. He's a talented communicator."
Blagojevich is writing a book that's scheduled to be on shelves in October.

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When former Gov. Rod Blagojevich hits the airways 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, he'll have on as guests two stars of the Second City spoof "Rod Blagojevich Superstar." That includes Joey Bland, who plays Blagojevich, and Mike Bradecich, who plays Ald.... Read More


I have now heard what our ex-governor has to say. I completely and truly believe that this man does not belong in jail. They have built mental institutions for just such people. I love you WLS thanks for showing us all the truth.

The story's already being picked up by the national media. Guess how it's playing?

WLS is making its hometown audience look like a bunch of fools.

Count me among those saying goodbye to the radio preset.

First it was Mancow, now Blago??? Looks like WLS-890 has borrowed an old script from WMAQ Channel 5 when they hired Jerry Springer. Maybe Roe will leave ala Carol Marin. All of this is just another reason why I switched to Sirius. Moment of silence for free radio as we once knew it.

Thanks, but no thanks. I won't be tuning in.

One more channel I can remove from my car sterio presets.

I can't wait to call in and tell him my version of the truth. The guy is going to get it from the public, finally!

I'm going to try to hurt his book sales and remind people why he is going to jail.

If you listen to 890 AM, then you've got much bigger problems than Blago!

If WLS is going to give the creep-soon-to-be-convict-ex-governor a free shot at the Chicago airwaves...(he has already had his 15+ minutes)
...then I am boycotting more Roe Conn, no more Don & Roma...

The ninth caller will win tickets to the Cubs home opener...for a slight fee of course.

"Thanks for all the memories WLS-AM, I am no longer a listener."

Looks like everyone has the high horse out of the barn for a ride today. Shutup with all the idiotic "I'm too good to listen to WLS because they are having the governor on" talk.

This is going to be GREAT radio! I cant wait!

This is Exhibit A in the thesis that the "news" media feeds from this trough of political corruption and thereby restocks it. Now we have Blago the Clown on a local radio station. (OK, I grant you that radio has never been a monument to hard information.) But we have the S-T placing the story as front page. 'Round and 'round we go.

WLS isn't losing a listener in me; I've not listened to them since the 1960's.

It's absolutely disgusting that people that have worked their behinds off their entire lives are losing their jobs these days. Meanwhile, this crook steals from those very people and becomes a celebrity because of it. Now, the opportunties for Blago are endless because he stole from the people of Illinois. It's so sad how society works these days.

No reason to listen to this station anymore.

I will have no reason to listen to wls. Stop pandering to every polical crook in IL.

This is great. He will do a wonderful job. He will tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Keep it up governor.

What do you expect from don & roma only more garbage

Thanks for all the memories WLS-AM, I am no longer a listener.

"He's a talented communicator."--but he was an awful Governor.

"He's a talented communicator"--but he was an awful Governor.

You've just gotta love this guy. This is pure TV sitcom.

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