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Pressure's on Blago pal

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Rod Blagojevich's long-time friend and fund-raiser Christopher Kelly was in federal court once again this morning.
He was entering a plea of not guilty to an O'Hare fraud scheme the feds hit him with last week. The new charges came just a few weeks after Kelly was in this same courthouse pleading guilty to tax fraud charges.
Prosecutors say Kelly, through his roofing company, BCI Commercial Roofing, won $8.5 million in allegedly inflated roofing contracts from United and American airlines at O'Hare Airport. They allege that Kelly paid kickbacks to get the contracts. The money laundering and fraud charges are a clear sign from the feds that they want Kelly to talk.
Kelly was released on a signature bond today. His company, was also indicted, and defense lawyer Michael Monico said it too pleaded not guilty.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid Schar told federal judge Charles Norgle Sr. that there's a potential for a future conflict with Monico representing BCI.
"Mr. Kelly's 100 percent owner of BCI," Monico responded in court.
Norgle said they could take up the issue later.
They meet again in court 10 a.m. March 10.

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Blgo Bloggerz-check out they want your imput!Will you help reform il. politics??

People need to look at this guy way back at Chicago Public Schools where Tim Martin gave this guys companies many roofing contracts

Hey California Democrat; this is not a blog FOR Rod it's about Rod...and he had every right to defend himself in Senate hearings and he chose not to. Blagojevich was fired from his job and was given every opportunity to defend himself and his actions which is not given to many people facing termination. You say the "fix was in", there was no fix, Rod was incapable to do the job as Governor, Illinois was forced to pay higher interest rates because of him and he was the only Governor in the U.S. not to get reports from Homeland Security. "Courage" more like mental illness and he's in the process of rolling over everyone he has ever done business with.

I can't believe that people are defending Blagojevich. He's a crook and as you see so are all his friends. Get a grip people this is your tax money.

Good to see a blog for Rod.
Although I am afraid that he is part of the Chicago politics and may be found guilty in the end, I do think he should have had a right to defend himself in court before he could be removed as Governor.

He was right, the 'Fix was in'.
Keep fighting Blago, you at least have courage and will not just roll over for the majority.

He'll make a deal, who in their right mind would go down for Blagojevich??? It will be interesting to see what Blago will have to say on Hannity tonight, his inability to look at himself and take any kind of responsibility for himself and his family is truly amazing.

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