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Gov's fired. But he's hiring

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Rod Blagojevich is accepting applications.
And the job he's looking to fill is nothing to sneeze at.
He needs a lead criminal defense lawyer.
The quest was reignited this weekend, with the former governor and his wife, Patti, meeting with Chicago lawyers to talk about building up their legal team.
After a top lawyer quit, there's just one attorney officially representing Blagojevich now -- his longtime friend Sheldon Sorosky.
With a massive indictment headed his way in April, Blagojevich needs more.
One possibility for the Blagojevich team leader is defense lawyer Tom Breen, lawyers involved in the case say.
Breen has vast experience in both federal court and at criminal courts in 26th street and California.
The ex-governor is without a chief lawyer two months after he was charged because defense attorney Ed Genson quit amid Blagojevich's media talking spree. The talk show blitz had Blagojevich booked on just about every news production out of New York.
Genson didn't agree with that strategy. He permanently severed ties after lawyer Sam Adam Sr. jokingly called him "cuckoo" when the media asked why Genson quit.
Sam Adam Sr. and Sam Adam Jr., handled some of the impeachment issues. But the father-son team, who are expert in the ways of 26th street, hadn't committed to the federal case as late as Monday, said attorney Michael Ettinger.
Ettinger represents Robert Blagojevich, who governed the fund.
"No decision's been made yet," Ettinger said.
There's also a bit of a money problem.
It's no secret that the former first family is broke.
And Blagojevich's once bountiful campaign fund is under considerable scrutiny. It will take work to get money out of it.
Breen knows that drill. He represented Citizens for Ryan campaign fund, which was indicted under former Gov. George Ryan. Breen couldn't be reached Monday but is said to be behind taking the case if the Adams drop out.
Other lawyers to be added include Alan Brunell as part of the Blagojevich team. Brunell once represented Ryan's chief of staff Scott Fawell.
James Graham and Judith Dobkin were slated to represent Friends of Blagojevich campaign fund, Ettinger said.
Prosecutors say they will return an indictment charging Blagojevich -- and likely others -- by April 7th.
Blagojevich could have his new pick by week's end.
Any suggestions?

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I hope the governor does take Tom Breen as his attorney. If Tom acts as he did on a case in Springfield a couple of years ago - calling his client names in court and taking his family for almost every penny they had, we should see Blago safely in jail very quickly.

We think a good career change could be to become a marriage conselor. He has the HAIRS thing going for him which is an important asset. Also part-time he could teach us COMBINE tricks at local seminars,racking the ca$h up. Finally does anyone else want Sen. Burris to do the right thing and RESIGN. Pls sen burris-resign,do the right thing.

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