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Dems say there was no cover up

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Sun-Times Staff reporter Rosalind Rossi reports today that the Burris transcript, with a cover page dated Feb. 5, was sent to House Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie's office by Fed Ex. She only looked at the top page of the five pages of documents. The top two pages listed U.S. Sen. Burris' lobbying clients. Burris previously told the committee he'd file a more thorough list of clients in an amended affidavit.
Currie then brought the material to Springfield.
Over the weekend, Currie described her receipt of the items as a mix-up and said it was not an attempt to cover up anything. She also acknowledged speaking with Burris' camp earlier about their intentions of filing more information. But Currie told the Sun-Times she didn't know what information they intended on filing.
Republicans, however, are livid, questioning whether the information would have been released had the Sun-Times not forced the issue Friday.

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She was just shocked when she read it and didn't know the best way to respond...Currie knew there would be political fire works and she picked the nearest holiday weekend hoping no one would notice. Unfortunately for her Republicans think Valentines Day is a made-up Hallmark holiday.

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