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Burris source explains fed contacts

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A source close to U.S. Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill) who did not want to be named, wanted to clarify contacts between the Senator and federal authorities. The source said Burris had contact with the feds before and after his house testimony.
"Federal authorities expressed interest in talking to Sen. Burris after his appointment, making it clear he wasn't the target of any arrest," the source said.
"That meeting has not happened and all communications to date with them has primarily been to discuss scheduling and setting up a time to meet.
He welcomes the opportunity to answer their questions to reaffirm that he was not involved in any inappropriate conversations.
The communications started before Sen. Burris testifed before the Sen. House impeachment committee and because of his busy schedule the dialogue is ongoing to this date."

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I do not believe Sen. Burris committed perjury. The question from Ill. Rep. Durkin during former Ill. Gov. Blagojevich's impeachment hearing was about whether Burris spoke with any of the people Durkin listed, associated with former Gov. Blagojevich, with regard to Burris seeking the Senate seat. If the conversations with Rob Blagojevich were simply about fundraising requests from Rob Blagojevich to Burris, and Burris indeed declined to engage in fundraising, it is likely that Burris' conversations with Rob Blagojevich did not even regard the Senate seat. If their conversations did not regard the Senate seat, then the whole controversy regarding alleged perjury is pointless and way overblown.

If their conversations did, however, regard the Senate seat, then Burris' affirmative answer, "Yes," to Durkin's question, which referred to conversations Burris may have had with any of the people whom Durkin listed, would indicate true testimony; not false testimony. Therefore, Burris is not guilty of perjury.

Mr. Burris must resign his Senate seat! If he cannot remember to tell the truth, from time to time he is of absolutely no use as a US Senator. How can he be trusted in the US Senate??? Mr. Burris is side stepping issues: evidently the feds have evidence of his wrong doing. In my informed opinion, the feds only pursue people for two reasons. First, they have evidence and second, they have good resson to pursue one. Cheryle C. Teague, Truth or Consequences,NM,CST-NWS-watchcorner16.article

The only reason he is telling the truth now is because he got caught on tape. He did not testify against Blagojevich in fear he would withdraw his nomination. Burris is a coward a liar a cheat with an ego problem, what a treat he must be to be married to.

I attached an article from the Sun-Time regarding Rezko lawyer Dan Mahru, big surprise he's broke. He's one of the guys who was involved with the Companion Security deal with Auchi, Alsammarae, Frawly and of course Rezko.

He never would have forfitted information if the feds didn't have him on tape. He cowardly didn't fess up at the hearings in fear Blagojevich would withdrawal his nomination for the Senate seat. He is a coward a liar a cheat with an ego problem, what a treat he must be to be married to.

This is hilarious. I would have a busy schedule to if the feds wanted to talk to me. Really busy...

If Burris forgets every other fact about becoming our representative in Washington he should have remembered these words he spoke, ....the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God". He needs to resign now!

Thanks for the new blog to follow this story...much appreciated.

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