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Blago on TV again -- feds queue up the TIVO

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Rod Blagojevich's PR firm just announced the former governor has yet another television appearance. He's slotted to go head-to-head with FOX Newschannel conservative host Sean Hannity 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Blagojevich's publicist, Glenn Selig, promises it will be "one of the more lively exchanges," Blagojevich has had. That's saying a lot, given Blagojevich's extensive tour of talk-shows over the last two weeks.

Meanwhile, the feds will once again be prepared -- with the TIVO. Every statement Blago makes is potential evidence in court. Federal investigators have been recording everything he's said on his media tour, some of which has touched on the evidence against him.

Selig says the governor has an important message:
"Gov. Blagojevich calls himself the 'anti Nixon' because he wants Americans to hear all the supposed incriminating audio tapes played so they can hear what was said in full context," says Selig. "The governor is not afraid to take tough questions from even his harshest critics and an interview with Hannity proves it."

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With all the pay to play accusations, I wish one interviewer would ask Blagojevich if he has ever been approached or made an offer of "quid pro quo" by a contractor or another politician.

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