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Blagojevich hit up Burris for cash

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After he had made his interest in the Senate seat known to at least four members of Rod Blagojevich's inner circle, U.S. Sen. Roland Burris (D-Illinois) had discussions with the former governor's brother about holding a fund-raiser for the governor or kicking into the campaign kitty. Burris admits that now. But didn't disclose it in two previous submissions to the House impeachment panel. He quietly submitted new testimony to the House panel three weeks after he was sworn in as U.S. Senator. The testimony was not made public until the Sun-Times asked questions about it this week.

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I feel insulted. I'm the only person Blagojevich hasn't hit up for money.

He was soooo eager to get that Senate seat, Burris was more interested in filling in the blank on his tombstone then he ever was in serving the people of Illinois...They should go over his testimony very carefully to see if he perjured himself. What a dirt bag!

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