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While preaching shared responsibilities, Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville revealed some of his plans for his hand-picked coaching staff for the coming season.

"Jamie [Kompon] may have the power play and [Mike Kitchen] may get the [penalty kill], but we'll all have some input," Quenneville said during the Hawks convention at the Hilton Chicago.

The idea that Kompon, who was named Mike Haviland's replacement last week, may be disconcerting for some Hawks fans, especially with the power play's ineffectiveness being a spark for change and internal conflict last season.

The Hawks had the No. 26 power play last season and Haviland eventually was made the scapegoat for it, among other things.


Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville feels like it will ultimately be his decision when deciding who replaces the recently fired Mike Haviland on the team's bench.

Whether that's truly the case remains to be seen. But Quenneville was asked what he's looking for in an assistant coach going forward.


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