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Comcast fires reporter Susannah Collins after 'sex' slip, Sports Nutz videos

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Susannah Collins 4.jpgComcast SportsNet Chicago reporter/anchor Susannah Collins made an accidental name for herself Tuesday with a Freudian Slip that quickly went viral.

By Thursday night, the Downers Grove native and University of Illinois graduate was off the air and out of a job, though Comcast said the move had nothing to do with her "tremendous amount of sex" slipup, according to a statement from management:

"Due to circumstances unrelated to her on-air remarks Tuesday night, Susannah Collins and Comcast SportsNet Chicago have parted ways. We appreciate everything Susannah has contributed to our network over the past year and wish her the best in her future endeavors."

Collins was hired in 2012 and replaced Sarah Kustok when she left for the YES Network.

Here's a look at how the story unfolded and the social media backlash:

Comcast SportsNet Chicago fires Blackhawks reporter Susannah Collins

Susannah Collins made a name for herself with a Freudian slip Tuesday. By Thursday night, the Comcast reporter covering the Chicago Blackhawks was out of a job. Here's a look at the circumstances around the dismissal and the reaction on social media.

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What happened

On Tuesday night, Comcast SportsNet Chicago Blackhawks reporter made the kind of on-air slip that GIFs are created for, saying the Blackhawks had a "tremendous amount of sex" during the regular season. She immediately corrected herself, but a meme was born:
Susannah Collins Freudian Slipscharles425
Thanks for laughing along with me & my "tremendous" slip, guys. Who couldn't use a good chuckle every now & then right?? #Whoops!Susannah Collins
VIDEO: Enjoy a remix of CSN reporter Susannah Collins telling us the Blackhawks had "a tremendous amount of sex"
Oh my. I've picked up over 200 followers in the last 50 minutes. Ah, the power of deadspin... #youguysarequickSusannah Collins
Don't worry, I'll do my best to avoid saying "Clutterbuck" tonight. Can't have a other slip-up! #thatdidntgothewayiplannedSusannah Collins
@ssaltess I LOVE my job. :) #LuckyGalSusannah Collins
And then: 
Comcast SportsNet has fired reporter Susannah "Tremendous Amount Of Sex" Collins:

Sports Nutz

Comcast claims, according to the Tribune report, that a YouTube series called Sports Nutz Collins worked on through 2010 was the reason for her dismissal. Here's a look at the NSFW fare:
Sports Nutz 9 - The NFL Playoffsmiddlebrowmedia
Sports Nutz 13 - Douchebag Nationmiddlebrowmedia
.@CSNChicago knew about @SusannahCollins videos a while ago: She spoke about them in this interview last month: Greenfield
When Comcast announced her hiring in 2012, her previous experience and entusiasm were cited, though without mention of the Sports Nutz work:

We are very pleased to bring someone of Susannahs experience and local sports enthusiasm to our network on a full-time basis, said Schumacher. Providing the very best live, daily local sports news coverage continues to be our focus and Susannah has certainly done an excellent job for us on a free-lance basis over the past several months and will no doubt be a terrific full-time addition to our already solid on-air team.


The reaction to the firing was swift on social media - and almost universally unkind to CSN:
Sad day. @susannahcollins is a total professional, a talented broadcaster, and a strong reporter. CSN's loss will be somebody else's gain.Mark Lazerus
Comcast SportsNet Chicago acted foolishly in firing talented, attractive @SusannahCollins. We haven't seen or heard the last from her.Robert Feder
@RobertFeder @susannahcollins What an idiotic move by @CSNChicagoTom
If all reporters were fired for slipups and/or past work would interns be doing the news? Especially in sports? @CSNCHicago @SusannahCollinsAdam Music
Wow. Words fail. RT @hriefs: .@CSNChicago drops #SusannahCollins Jordan
@susannahcollins Wishing you all the best. This fan (and many others) appreciated your hard work and talent. Best of luck to you!Ozzie Guajardo
@CSNChicago seriously you guys released @susannahcollins she was the best thing you had going.Dan
@susannahcollins .... I just want to say what happened is bs and I am sure you will land on your feet. Good luckJames Kocourek
@susannahcollins absolutely ridiculous. They'll regret it.Ari Frankel
I was "offline" all day yesterday and just heard the news about #CSN firing @susannahcollins. TerribleJoe Gragido
@susannahcollins major let down #bogus #concastSean Donnellan
@susannahcollins bigger and better things will come your way. keep your positive attitude good luck wherever they will be lucky 2 have udheintz
What a garbage move by @CSNChicago firing @susannahcollins. She is a professional and hopefully she'll find another job soon.Herb Lawrence
@susannahcollins can't believe you were let go!! Keep your head up!...Most have done worse!! #blackhawksBryan Wojtczak
.@CSNChicago hope there's more to @susannahcollins firing! took a little time to warm up to her but grew to like her over Kustok #BlackhawksJanice
Instead of firing @susannahcollins, @CSNChicago should fire everybody responsible for continuous production problems. #baddecisionJason Schaumburg
Please,she was done. @AmyJacobson: @RobertFeder @susannahcollins If a MALE made this mistake he wouldn't have been fired! #doublestandard"John Howell

More on Susannah Collins

Collins is a Downers Grove native and graduate of the University of Illinois. Despite - or because of, according to some reports - the Sports Nutz videos, she held a variety of reporting and anchoring positions through Thursday night.
Susannah Collins | LinkedInView Susannah Collins's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Su...

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Very poor management move. Diann Burns (sp?) made a bigger on air blunder during a Groundhogs Day report in the late 80's, then proceeded to turn her back to the camera. Was she fired by WLS? No. Suzannah corrected herself and maintained composure, unlike the instance I mentioned.

Exactly why anything associated with NBC is garbage. SuCo, you're better off. Good luck and lotsa love.

The network is so in bed with the Hawks, I can safely say that the Hawks higher-ups had no idea about her Sports Nutz past....realized this and the sex/success slip might paint them in a bad light...threw their partnership weight around and demanded she get the heave-ho. Kind of a shame.

Kerry Sayers, Sarah Kustok, Gail Fischer, and now Susannah Collins. CSN Chicago has ran off some excellent female talent in the last couple of years. Not just in looks, but in reporting quality. While Sarah has landed on her feet well with the YES Network, I hope things work out well for the others. They will, because they're good.

Total BS! Come on Comcast grow up for petes sake!

I would've fired her too. That Sport Nutz bit is about the dumbest thing I've ever seen. It's not funny. She just makes herself look stupid.

They suspended Gil for the altercation after the Bull's game, so that's the least they would've done with Sarah. For all we know, some player's wives/gf's might have contacted the Blackhawks & voiced their outrage. Uttering "sex" instead of success is not just any kind of gaffe. It's the kind that calls into question the person's character. The assumption is that she said it because she had it on her mind. That makes people around her uncomfortable. There's a loss of trust there now. It's not hard to imagine some of the women linked to the players worrying about her trying to hook up with their man. Sarah's a beautiful woman so they may have even questioned some of their men about her. That's likely why they decided a suspension wasn't going to cut it. I wish her well in the future, but she needs greater discipline to ever work in that role again. There's nothing sexist in the decision. None of us know when/if Gil will return in the booth for Bull's coverage & most fans sided with his actions after that game.

In the words of Paul M. Banks:

"Ever since John McDonough took over the Hawks, he’s been all about message control and brand management. Josh Mora was fired (excuse me, did not have his contract renewed) because he reported something that the Blackhawks didn’t like him reporting."

Collins got the same treatment.

Didn't we all think John McDonough had more class than that?

i am behind her all the way, comcast let her go for that what goofs. That just shows the public how screwed up management really is. Follie and Eddie O messed up a time or two I am sure and nothing happened to them. And WOULD NOT WANT ANYTHING TO HAPPEN TO THEM. Nothing should have happened to her eather.

Please sign this petition to reinstate Susannah Collins. We all know she was terminated unfairly, so say something about it!!!

This really upsets me, I love Suzannah Collins. Really hope the best for her in the future.

What an injustice this is for Suzannah, I really liked her. Who do the Blackhawks think they are, remember they held their fans hostage for decades by not televising games. The hawks can forget winning the Cup because they just jinxed themselves by pulling this garbage.

She was horrible. Her questions at the end of games were so dull and boring, and most of the time were the same ones over and over again. She never talked to anyone other than the women during shoot the puck, and is just a huge step down from Sarah Kustock.

The entire sport industry - other than the millionaire/billionaire owners - is so temporary. You can be gone in an instant. Brian U thought he'd be playing with the Bears for a few more years and then overnight they said "Good Bye" when they refused to negotiate a new contract. Even he said it came as a surprise. Any little mess up, or perceived mess up, real or imagined, can lead to a termination in that industry. Good luck wherever you land, hopefully on your feet, but probably not in the sports broadcasting profession again.

Don't forget Jen Patterson getting fired for dating a Blackhawks player (she's now married to him now). You can't cover the circus and sleep with the elephants.

I hope Jen Lada see's what she is getting herself into.

Please don't let Tracy Meyers take Susannah's place. She kinda scares me, and my children. CSN has lost their mind. Collins was no Sara Kustok but she was the best in their lineup for sure.

When reporters talk fast, sometimes they make a mistake saying a word, Accidentily saying "sex" when she meant to say "success" is completely understandable. She quickly and professionaly corrected her mistake. This should be a non-issue, and the issue now should be what kind of company and person fired her. I have much less respect for the network and person that fired her; and that pers0n's name will come out.

You don't have to like the show, but it shouldn't have gotten her fired. She was better then disses and dems Kustock.

you don't even know her name.

You're high & you're an idiot!

What if a male reporter had said that?

If you want her back, let your voice be heard:

This whole thing is ridiculous. People are so mean-spirited and the fact that there are comments suggesting she was fired because she was "too pretty" and a threat to the players' wives? Seriously lol!!! Something is very wrong with this picture...if she slipped up and said "sex" instead of "success", that's a pretty easy thing to get tongue tied with and pretty tame compared to what you hear on daytime TV. If her past videos were an issue (which they shouldn't have been), then CSN and the Hawks picked a fine time to take issue with it. Facebook has a support page for Susannah and I hope that she will be back at the UC ASAP! For all the haters out there, lighten up...don't take life too one gets out alive anyway.

The bible says that hot chicks are without sin.

She'll get an even better gig from this; look at Erin Andrews.

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