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Storify: What do you think of NHL realignment?

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Sun-Times Blackhawks beat writer Mark Lazerus had a question for his Twitter followers during the first intermission Friday night - what are your thoughts on the NHL realignment plan?

Lots of people not so happy over the loss of Detroit rivalry games - not to mention the pasting the Avs handed out - in the new mix. Here are their thoughts via Twitter:

What do you think of the NHL realignment plan?

Chicago Sun-Times Blackhawks beat writer asks fans what they think of the NHL realignment.

Storified by Craig Newman· Fri, Mar 08 2013 19:49:10

How about I clog everyone's Twitter feeds with RTs? Time for an intermission question. You've seen the realignment plan: Yea or nay? Why?Mark Lazerus
Board of Governors vote next step for realignment plan - ...1 day ago ... The NHL will move forward with its proposed realignment plan after receiving consent from the National Hockey League Play...
@MarkLazerus no way. chi/det 2x a year? and who goes back west when quebec city gets a team or toronto's 2nd? it'll be like the hunger gamesMarissa DeBiase
@ScottBort @MarkLazerus Coyotes are going to Seattle so that they don't have to realign again, but also pending for how many 9:00/:30 strtsJohn Hibbs
@MarkLazerus Nay. Losing RedWings. TB & FL with horror travel plans. 16/14 split. Not much to like other than the home&home w/ every team.Simon
@MarkLazerus No matter how you arrange the teams, Florida teams still have to travel. More good than bad in realignment.Mark Scheig
@craignewman @marklazerus #nhl #blackhawks Yea better than current setup but not optimal. Moving/Contracting southern teams then realignmentBrian Soda Man
@MarkLazerus Yay Hawks still have the Blues and maybe this can start a rivalry with the Wild.Plus playoffs could be interestingJohn Suerth
@MarkLazerus Rocky better get another Winter Classic out of this. Lot of boring franchises with ugly uniforms. Yuck.Cheer the Anthem
@MarkLazerus Pending. Let's see what they do when the Coyotes head to Quebec.Scott Bort
@MarkLazerus The question will become whether you get rid of two teams or expand to 32.excitable honky
@MarkLazerus I just love all the hawks fans bemoaning the loss of detroit #lovetolovetohatetazerstarethough
@MarkLazerus nay...hate that the NHL is getting rid of be off the best rivalries by separating Wings and HawksBrandon Newberry
@MarkLazerus nay. swap wpg with det or cbj, problem solved.natalie
@MarkLazerus Nay- 7 teams in 2 conferences and 8 in another? Hardly fair for playoffs, plus TBL and FLA in the eastern is ridiculousHannah Bevis
@MarkLazerus nay, left CHI w/o an original 6 team. Now that is bogus!asymmetric
@MarkLazerus Yea. Hawks fan in Dallas gets three chances to see em live now instead of two. #realignmentJeff Renoe
@MarkLazerus I want the old Norris back.filks15
@MarkLazerus Nay, it's the Hawks, Blues and then the relocation and expansion all stars. Only plus is seeing every team in the UC.Eric Rabbers
@MarkLazerus not just nay, but HELL NAY! Bettman proves once again why hes a marketing retard throwing away #BlackhawksRedWings & original 6Arturo Gonzalez III
@MarkLazerus nay, don't like splitting up the 2 teams that have played each other more than any other rivalryKevin
@MarkLazerus Boston Buffalo and Montreal in the East / Central ?Fred Petrino
@MarkLazerus no realignment, Canucks have the easiest division, lets keep it that wayNHL Archive
@MarkLazerus I'm not ok with losing Detroit and Columbus but I like the home and home with every team in the league.KHal712
@MarkLazerus Nay. Divisions not even (unfair). #Blackhawks only original 6 team in west. Hate break up with #redwingsAli
@MarkLazerus Nay. Not only is Detroit gone, but the Hawks are stuck with a bunch of boring teams like Minnesota, Dallas, and Winnipeg.SelkeSmooth
@MarkLazerus No. Have you seen that division with TBL and FLA? Their concern for cutting down travel is a joke.Krista
@MarkLazerus yay for now. Nothing is going to make everyone happy. This is better for travel (besides some east coast nonsense)steveWSOP
@MarkLazerus Yea, but I feel bad for Tampa Bay and Florida...Goalie Wife
@MarkLazerus yea. I'd love to beat the Wings in the cup finals.Drunk Hawks Fan
OK, we're about a minute from the second period. Thanks for the responses! Consensus is a Big. Fat. Nay. (With a Hell Nay thrown in there.)Mark Lazerus

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The realignment is fine. Divisional playoffs would be awesome if they didnt have this stupid wild card. And ridiculous division names.

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