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Hansen suspended one game for hit on Blackhawks' Hossa

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The NHL suspended Vancouver's Jannik Hansen one game for the blow to Marian Hossa's head that knocked the Hawks star out of Tuesday's game early in the third period. The league cited the "reckless" and "careless" nature of the hit, but also the fact that Hansen had never been suspended before in making its decision.

Hossa was trying to grab the puck out of the air when he was hit from behind by Hansen.

"While it might be true that Hansen initially reaches up to play the puck in the air, he changes the position of his arm and delivers a sharp, careless forearm to the back of Hossa's head," league discipline czar Brendan Shanahan said.

He also pointed out that Hossa's hand remained open the whole time, while Hansen closed his into a fist. The suspension will cost Hansen $7,297.30.

The Blackhawks were off on Wednesday, so there will be no official update on Hossa's condition until Thursday's practice at Johnny's IceHouse West.

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POS Canuck Thugs. Vancouver is the armpit of Canada

Jannik Hansen should be suspended as many games as Hossa misses or AT LEAST 5 games, whichever is more severe. The hit on Hossa was an intentional "cheap shot" and, until the NHL shows that there are consequences to such behavior, nothing will change. What if Sidney Crosby had received that hit? Hansen would have been exiled to Siberia!!!

The hawks need to go after the canucks unmerciful next time they play. Cant have my man Hossa laid out like he was. Go upside there heads until they get the message.

Vancouver fans have ALWAYS been a living cesspool. Anyone else remember the 1972 Summit Series against the Russians? The fourth game was played in Vancouver the Canknucklehead fans BOOED, SPIT ON, and threww garbage at the Canadien team during the game and as they were leaving the ice. It was so bad, Phil Esposito went viral on the fans in his post game interview with the CBC. It's no wonder Vancouver fans are the most hated fans in the NHL by other fans and NHL players alike.

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