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Patrick Kane signs with team in Switzerland

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Patrick Kane is headed to Europe.

Less than a week after Kane said he was close to signing overseas because of the NHL's lockout of players, EHC Biel-Bienne in Switzerland announced that they signed the Blackhawks superstar on Tuesday.

Kane is the first notable Hawks player to leave for Europe during the lockout. Teammates Bryan Bickell and Michael Frolik are currently playing overseas right now. Boston Bruins forward Tyler Seguin also is playing for EHC Biel-Bienne.

Kane, though, will still participate in the Hawks' "Champs for Charity" game this Friday at Allstate Arena.

"Pat is planning to play this coming Friday in the charity game in Chicago before heading to Switzerland on Sunday," his agent Pat Brisson said.

Kane initially held off on confirming that he'd play in the charity game because he was close to signing in Europe. But Kane made a surprise appearance at the press conference promoting the game and said he was excited about playing with former teammates from the Hawks' Stanley Cup-winning team.

Kane was hopeful that negotiations between the NHL owners and the players were on a path toward a new collective bargaining agreement. But talks broke down last week and it's unknown when formal negotiations will begin again.

"Excited and thankful to join EHC Biel in the Swiss league. Looking forward to the experience," Kane tweeted on Tuesday.

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THis is so disgusting The players could care less about their fans. All they care about is money--they should start thinking about how hard it is for the regular guy. They need to recruit a whole new team and leave them with out. They forget how they started. How much does one
person need.--Stay on strike maybe your fans will quit coming as they did before--

No ONe thinks you deserve more money---shame on all of you

They are locked out, not on strike. Get a clue

Good for kane. No its not all about the money. Its easy to jump to that conclusion with the amount of money SOME of these players make but there's always the other side of the story.

If there's a stall in the talks and these players love the game so much, I'm guessing they're looking for a place to play....any place.

You probably had the same comment when the NFL refs were on strike.

Tell it to the owners. I, for one, fully support Patrick Kane. The players were locked out and ought to pursue opportunities to play hockey as they can. They'll be in game shape IF we see NHL hockey this year. I'm disgusted that anyone would take the side of the owners, particularly from big market teams, in their effort to exact massive pay cuts from the players. Did we learn nothing from the "lost season"? The owners don't need to make it all up at once. How about some moderation?

For all the idiots that keep getting on these articles and posting about the players being at fault in this LOCKOUT that was perpetrated by the OWNERS please read all the information on how the players were screwed by the OWNERS during the last lockout and how the OWNERS want to screw the players again during this lockout before you blame them. If your boss came and asked you to take a pay cut AGAIN after you took a pay cut a few years ago (because the OWNERS are ignorant morons who can't figure out that teams in Nashville, Phoenix and Dallas will never be financially viable and they are wasting talent and money by trying to keep them afloat) would you be willing to take another pay cut? Wake up idiots, this lockout was perpetrated by the OWNERS, a bunch of whiny super rich idiots who want to become more super rich at the expense of somewhat rich players, and the worst commissioner in professional sports in Gary the Buttlicker Bettman. Wake up and stop posting idiot comments on these boards and go watch soccer until you understand the game and the issues.

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