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NHL cancels preseason through Sept. 30

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The NHL announced Wednesday that preseason games through Sept. 30 have been cancelled because of its lockout of players.

The Blackhawks were scheduled to open their preseason next Tuesday against the Flyers in Philadelphia. They also had games scheduled on Sept. 28th and 29th against the Detroit Red Wings and Sept. 30 against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

There were no formal discussions between the NHL Players' Association and the league on Wednesday. As of right now, the Hawks have two preseason games remaining: Oct. 5 at the Penguins and Oct. 6 against the Flyers.

The lack of talks is starting to discourage and frustrate some Hawks. But they all stand by the union and their proposal.

Do some players feel as if the whole season will be lost to this lockout like in 2004?

"I don't think it will," Hawks star forward Patrick Kane said Wednesday. "But at the same time you never really know. You never want to start any speculation of what's going to happen. That's the last thing you're hoping for right now. Everyone is really excited about the team we have coming in here and season that was going to happen. Hopefully, it gets settled sooner than later. But ... it's just not what we want to do.

"You hear some different things like [Wednesday] they were going to meet or over the weekend they're supposed to meet a couple of times. It would be one thing to say: get the door locked, get it done and come out with both sides being happy. But it's just not realistic right now.

"It would be nice to see some more meetings. ... [But] both sides are looking for something different."

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Maybe we as "Fans" need to take a stand against the owners of NHL teams.
Since it's improbable that people will give up their season tickets etc., we could start by not buying NHL licensed merchandise, give up our cable subscriptions to the NHL Network and licensed products that endorse the NHL.
When the season does start, and we the fans attend, show our displeasure by not purchasing anything at the stadiums,.... no beer or spirits, food, merchandise, etc. for the first month or longer.
It's the "Fans" that fuel the cash for any pro sport, without us, they will seek to exsist.

Although it is true that hockey is a spectator sport, fans do not control the revenue strain of NHL teams. If a mjority of fans stopped purchasing licensed merchandise, the NHL would opt for a larger T.V. contract or something to replace such loss. Also, Fans will always be fans. There will always be bandwagon fans that just want to go see the "Hawks" play. The lack of support will not slow down or help the NHL allocate their monies more efficiently. If anything it will do the opposite, it will drive up ticket prices, if there is a shortened season, parking, beer, and jerseys will all climb. However, fans will be fans and they will always support the popular teams (not necessarily the most successful/)

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