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Blackhawks 'disappointed' with Patrick Kane's Madison trip

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Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman said Tuesday that the organization was disappointed with star forward Patrick Kane for his actions during a trip to Madison, Wis. not longer after their season concluded.

Kane was photographed several times during the Mifflin Street Block Party for Cinco de Mayo early in May. In one photo, Kane was passed out at a bar. The photos went viral and were featured on a couple websites, notably

The Hawks had declined to comment on the situation until Tuesday when Bowman was on a conference call with reporters to announce the extensions of Johnny Oduya and Jamal Mayers.

"Obviously, we are aware of that situation," Bowman said of Kane. "We followed it closely. It was one of those things where we've discussed it with Patrick. We've handled that internally.

"We're obviously disappointed with how it played it out, and Patrick is aware of that fact. But at this point, it's a private matter. I think, out of respect for Patrick, we're not going to comment further. We're going to look forward and try to focus on things in improving our team leading into the summer."

Of course, it wasn't the first time Kane has garnered headlines because of his nightlife. Kane was arrested in August 2009 after he and his cousin allegedly punched a cab driver while in his hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. Kane was cleared of any felonies but did plead guilty to a non-criminal charge of disorderly conduct. I

In 2010, Kane was photographed with teammates John Madden and Kris Versteeg with his shirt off in a Vancouver limo. A photo from Kane's limo ride was displayed on the back of his bright shirt that he wore in Madison.

Madison police told the Sun-Times earlier this month they encountered Kane in Madison during an argument, but he did nothing to warrant an arrest. There were numerous allegations made about Kane on, but he is yet to be charged with anything.

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I believe Chicago Suntimes reporter Adam L. Jahn's is wrong for attacking Patrick Kane for drinking and partying in the off season. Mr. Jahn's you seem to be missing the point. Maybe you should be defending Kane for trying to deal with a Hockey franchise living off 2010's CUP Champs. Perhaps the focus of your story should have been on how bad a job Stan Bowman is actually doing. Patrick Kane is blowing off steam and behaving like anyone else his age. He should be bitching about a roster that has no goalie, a weakened defense team, and less and less "star" prospects! Dale Tallon must feel somewhat relieved after being blamed and let go.. As a news reporter you have to report what happens, but, you also should be putting attention to the fact that Stan Bowman has not won anything that Dale Tallon did not build here! If I were Patrick Kanes' agent I would look to pursue a trade. There are plenty of teams that would accept Patrick Kane just the way he is. I would be very frustrated to be a Blackhawks player that is MVP, won the Cup, and is being used as the face of a franchise, whose team is falling back to the middle of the pack.

Mr. Jahn's,
it is easy to pile on commentary to a few photo's from one event on Cinco De Mayo. Are you jealous of the attention he is receiving from young fans??? Why did Walter Payton and Michael Jordan "GET AWAY WITH SINS"? You should be pissed about Our Hockey team becoming lamer and lamer every move Bowman makes...... when he cleaned house after the cup, Toews and Kane should have demanded more money or a trade!!! Maybe Kane will get sick of the negative attention you and other candy-ass media figures give him and choose to leave here for New York or Los Angeles someday.

Hockey players don't party anymore than any other jock, get over it! Carpenters, Fireman and Iron workers party harder than anyone I have ever seen.... Should they all get counseling? Should all Americans get counseling for what the Government is doing?

I used to respect your words as a Hockey reporter, now you seem like a bitch!

You can do all Blackhawks fans a favor by not causing Kane more stress over this! Or we will lose him also!! Why don't you comment on the issues the team has control of. Like signing players that replace the likes of Dustin Byfuglien, Antti Niemi, Brian Cambell, Kris Versteeg, Andrew Ladd, Brent Sopel, Ben Eager, Adam Burrish, Troy Brouwer, to name a few.

Report about why the Hawks are a mediocre franchise that is getting weaker and weaker every move Bowman makes... ! We should be happy Kane is blowing off steam and not looking for a new organization that is trying to win now. He is acting like any other 21 year old American binge drinker.... Don't blame Kane for what 70% of college kids do every weekend..... ya Sally

So now it's OK do be a binge drinker

Nice example you set.

I have 2 words for you and everyone else who thinks it's Ok.


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