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Marian Hossa stretchered off after Raffi Torres hit

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By Ben Meyer-Abbott

Another Game 3 at the United Center, another maelstrom of controversy surrounding Raffi Torres.

Exactly a year to the day Torres injured Blackhawks' defenseman Brent Seabrook with a shoulder-to-the-head shot as a member of the Vancouver Canucks, the Phoenix Coyotes forward delivered another high-hit on a Hawks player.

Torres struck Hawks' winger Marian Hossa with what appeared to be another shoulder-to-head shot just under 12 minutes into the first period of Game 3 of the Hawks first-round series with the Coyotes.

Torres appeared to leave his feet during the collision near the Hawks' bench.

Hossa, who was lay motionless on the ice for several minutes following the collision, was taken off the ice on a stretcher with 9:09 remaining in the first. He was then taken in an ambulance to an area hospital.

Torres was not penalized on the play.

Hawks enforcer Brandon Bollig was on the ice at the time of the hit and made bee-line to Torres and began to pummel him before the rest of the players jumped into the scrum. Bollig was assessed a two-minute penalty for roughing and a 10-minute misconduct.

Torres injured Seabrook last season as a member of the Vancouver Canucks in Game 3 of their first-round series with the Canucks. Seabrook suffered a concussion on the play and missed Games 4 and 5 of that series.

Torres' hit on Hossa came less than eight hours after the NHL suspended Andrew Shaw for three games for a shoulder-to-head shot on Coyotes goalie Mike Smith in Game 2.

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torres is a coward

Fan bounty on Torres: Post the hotel and room he's staying in. Let's see who is willing to introduce this cowardly punk to "The Chicago Way." Every bone of his broken is worth 5 points. Skull fracture is worth 20 points. If he needs a limb amputated (or is done yourself)...100 points! Let's do it, Chicago!

(It is not as though he isn't reaping what he sows; he is a coward, a rascist, and is unable to harm anyone unless he blindsides them. If anyone deserves an old-fashioned beat down, it's him. He is not just a dirty hockey player; he is a bad person all around.)

I am not sure what game the refs are calling? Cost Chicago the game.

Nevermind suspension... Torres should face criminal charges.

There is no room in the game for these types of hits. When stars like Crosby, Toews, Sedin , Hossa do not play, EVERYONE suffers. Here is my take as a current beer league hockey player way past my intense competative prime.

1) Torres is a coward goon. Always has been and always will be. After the hit on Hossa and being challenged by Bolig he went into the turtle. There is a difference between todays goon and those old timers like Probert, McSorely, Magnison, Clark etc. They would hit, and wait for someone to retaliate, drop the gloves and take on whoever was up for the challenge.

2) Torres was behind the play and the play ended coming back his way with a errand puck. Because he was behind Hossa he should have not attempted to hit him. AS A MATTER OF FACT, Hossa turned to persue the puck and did not have it. Any hit to a player without the puck attempting to retrieve it is at the very least interferrance. Youu do not even have to be an avid hockey fan to know that somewhere in that picture is an infraction. Even if there is not a visual of the hit, the refs are watching the puck and she,hear and then witness a player on the ice motionless. Something happened.

3) The refs should be absolutely embarrassed by their performance. All of them have got to be held accountable for the lack of control. Toews gets a 2 min. minor at the end of the period. 3 yotes and Kane and Toews in a tussle. Sharp skating to assist and gets wacked by a goalie blocker out of the blue. The ref skating behind Sharp sees the entire situation. Tell me what you seen in the Toews penalty (which face washes happen after every whistle) is the same as Smith taking a blocker to Sharp without warning is the worse of the two events. All 5 of the players knew what they were doing and were involved. Sharp was surprised by Smith and could have created a serious situation.

4) Mike Smith's Acadamy Award appearence should be reviewed. This creates confusion of what really is an infraction and what is not. Taking a dive is considered a penalty. Wasting 15-20 minutes of my time watching him flail all over the ice is a crime. Come on Mike Smith, I have been hit with slap shots in areas without padding. It hurts like no other hurt. Unless you have a concussion to support your behavior then you could only be called wuss. Just saying. The worst thing here is that Smith is a great goalie that could win a cup by himself. Why win a cup and like that. There is a difference between a bad ass goalie winning a cup (Belfour, Roy, Hasek) and a wuss with a cup. Belfour you are not. When Belfour hit Probert it was because he was in his crease and he didnt care who you were. Your behaviors are more for the tennis courts after you pull a hammy.

5) I could only believe that in the warm climates of AZ, that the sun may have baked some Canadien brains in forgetting how hockey is played. This brand of hockey with Acting, Illegal Hits just isn't fun. Although it may be effective today (up 2-1) chances are it will not take you too much further.

Hose-job had a helmet on !! why the tears? Latest word is he's day to day, so no big dig. Boo hoo, booo hoo. Whining Hawk fans, get a life - GROW A PAIR. 'Yotes gonna clean yo clox.

What a joke when they said the refs didn't see it. There was a ref looking at the play from 5 feet away.

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