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Marian Hossa still recovering from Raffi Torres' hit

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Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville didn't have much to say about Marian Hossa's status Thursday before Game 4 against the Phoenix Coyotes.

But Quenneville has spoken with him and plenty of players have exchanged texts with him, so they are somewhat encouraged.

"There's no change," Quenneville said. "I spoke to him [Wednesday]. He's probably felt the same way the past few days."

Quenneville also wouldn't forecast Hossa's availability. Right now, he's at home resting after being hospitalized after getting hit in the head by Raffi Torres in the first period of Game 3.

"I'm not going to go out any further than where we're at today," Quenneville said.

The Hawks, though, have said it's been good to communicate with Hossa since seeing him carried off on a stretcher and hospitalized after the hit.

"He's texting all the boys back, so he's pretty busy with his phone now," Jonathan Toews said. "I don't want to keep him too busy. You want him to rest and relax. But by the sound of it, he's getting better as the day goes on."

Torres took part in the Coyotes' morning skate Thursday, but is suspended indefinitely. He has an in-person disciplinary hearing Friday in New York and is facing a lengthy suspension.

Hossa didn't have the puck, while Torres, who has a long suspension history, left his feet and made direct contact with his head.

"I think [Torres' hit on Hossa] hits all the criteria of what we are told not to do," winger Andrew Brunette said. "I don't know if it's getting scary, but there's things that should not be happening. When you don't have the puck, I don't think you are fair game. And it seems to be happening. It's not just last night; it's been all through this playoff season and obviously we're not getting the message.

"For me, not having the puck is a big thing. I think you're in a vulnerable position when you don't have the puck. In the history of the game, hitting is used to dislodge a player from the puck, not the intent to injure when you don't have the puck because you aren't aware. To me, that wasn't a hockey play. When you don't have the puck, there shouldn't be that kind of contact.

"I've heard back from [Hossa] and he's doing a little bit better. I think we're all scared. The way he landed was a little scary."

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Isn't journalism supposed to be unbiased?

The paper is the CHICAGO sun times.

^^^ Nobody likes you.

Um have u seen the play? It's not being biased. It's stating the facts. And the person being biased is not the reporter, it's a worried team mate. And yes it is the CHICAGO paper. Of course we are going to be biased as to what happens to our team. Clearly an illegal hit and Torres got everything he deserved and more. Here's to a full recovery to Marian <3

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