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Joel Quenneville fined $10,000 for criticizing officials after Game 3

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Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville was fuming and had every right to be.

Quenneville had just seen his star winger Marian Hossa carried off the ice on a stretcher for an illegal head hit by Coyotes agitator Raffi Torres, and no penalties were called. So he ripped the referees for it.

But now, he's got to pay.

The NHL announced just hours before Game 4 on Thursday that Quenneville has been fined $10,000 "for public comments critical of the officiating" in Game 3.

"I saw exactly what happened," Quenneville said Tuesday night of Torres' hit, which sent Hossa to the hospital. "It was right in front of me and all four guys missed it. The refereeing tonight was a disgrace."

Quenneville also was critical of the officiating during an interview from the bench.

Torres wasn't penalized for his hit despite clearly leaving his feet and hitting Hossa in the head. Torres has been suspended indefinitely by the league and has an in-person disciplinary hearing Friday in New York.

Torres, who has been suspended and fined in the past, is likely facing a long suspension.

Asked about his comments a day after Game 3, Quenneville said "I don't think I said anything bad. I was just answering the question."

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Karma is a B#&ch. Like with Duncan Keith's cheap shot elbow to Daniel Sedin and only a 2 minute minor. At least Torres hit was a body check and not a blatant elbow. I am glad your team is getting a taste of your own medicine.

Hope the Coyotes knock you out like the Canucks did last year!!!

What happened to freedom of speech?

Coach Q was only stating the facts and saying what was evident to everyone who saw the play except for the 4 officials on the ice. Not giving Torres a 5 minute major and a game misconduct WAS A DISCGRACE to put it politely. The one linesman clearly saw the play because he flinched as if to protect himself from any contact. I cannot understand why the linesman could not confer with the referee to get the call right while they were attending to Hoss. The league has mishandled player discipline beginning with the Shea Weber attack on Zetterberg. By not handing out a suspension, the league set the tone for what has become an unusually violent playoff thus far. Hoss appears to have escaped serious injury, but Shanny needs to get control before someone is seriously hurt or worse.

Yeah, right. There's a punishment. The Idiot Commissioner Betman is at the game, and livid that there was no penalty called. The supervisor of referees was at the game, probably peeing his pants because non of his minions had the stones to make a call. But Q gets nailed for calling them all out. Betman and his crew are a bunch of idiots.

Coach Q - I am so proud of you for standing up and saying whats right. The officiating was a disgrace. The officials should be fined and go bury their heads in the sand. They deserve a long suspension along with that goon Raffi Torres.

Hey Green Guy
Torres should have been arrested-of course your brain can't yet tell the difference
between criminal intent and checking
Phoenix will not win any Stanley CUp

What happened to Sedin was payback for HIS actions, idiot. It was wrong that Keith got any penalty as Sedin didn't when he hit Keith earlier in that same game.

@ GreenGuy
What happened to Sedin was payback for HIS actions,You idiot! It was wrong that Keith got any penalty as Sedin didn't when he hit Keith earlier in that same game. Get a clue.
Pheonix sucks ASS.

Brendan Shanahan is a REAL problem for the NHL:

1. He oversees all the refs, in effect, and has made the refs hesitant to make the appropriate calls.

2. Because he has never seen a camera he does not like, the narcissicist is always getting on TV and doing his power play moves.

3. Refs have lost control of the games early, wanting to be visible like their boss Shanhan, instead of invisible late in the games.

Coach Q and the Hawks are getting hosed by Shanahn the Red WIng. Hawks have not been playing very well, but they have an extra uphill battle due to this kind of BS>

Hey GreenGuy- get a clue!! Keith was giving back to Sedin for what Sedin did to him. Torres attack on Hossa was unprovoked and Torres left his feet to deliver the hit to Hossa's head. You are comparing an elbow to the head with a full speed intentional collison with the Torres' full impact on Hossa's head.
Maybe you should actually know what you are talking about before you blog.
Or are you just Green with envy because the Hawks won the cup 2 years ago?

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