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Dave Tippett Q & A before Game 3 against Blackhawks

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Phoenix Coyotes coach Dave Tippett faced the media before Game 3 of his team's first-round series against the Blackhawks. He listed goalie Mike Smith, who was struck in the facemask by Hawks' rookie winger Andrew Shaw in Game 2, as a game-time decision.

Below is a transcript of his Q & A session with reporters:

Q: Status on [Mike] Smith, [Martin] Hanzal and Lauri Korpikoski? We saw a few of them out there today.

Tippett: Korpikoski is the only is the only one that's out for sure. The rest of them will be game-time decisions.

Q: Lower-body [injury] for Korpikoski?

Tippett: Game-time decision [sic].

Q: Just as far as we're waiting on the decision here with [Andrew] Shaw, have you ever seen a situation before like this where it took so long?

Tippett: Doesn't concern me. It's not our team, he's on the other team. The league's dealing with that. We know that there's probably some long hard thought to it. We're worried about trying to get our players up and going. So that's an issue for their team.

Q: If Smith is a game-time decision, are you at all re-thinking that he should have finished last game? Can you take us through that a little bit?

Tippett: No, he was fine.

Q: But he's not fine now, necessarily?

Tippett: Well, we'll see.

Q: Coach, with the series tied one game apiece, how important is it now to keep your team loose going into these next games?

Tippett: Well, you have to be ready to compete at a level that is going to give you a chance to win. Our guys have also faced a lot of adversity. We know we're having fun right now. This is the playoffs. You're in a situation where you come into Chicago where and it's going to be, the excitement in the building is going to be through the roof and our players are excited to play. So I'm not worried about our guys being loose. I'm worried about our guys being too amped up. I think we'll be fine. We know what we have to do to be successful here, we won two times in the building already this year. We'll come in with that mindset and see how it goes.

Q: Coach, now you've had a couple days to digest the Andrew Shaw hit on Mike Smith and maybe seen more of the video, what was your take on the hit. Is it any different from your post-game [comments after Game 2]?

Tippett: No. Exact same. It's a blatant hit to the head with no intent to miss the goalie. Like I said then, if that was a goalie or a defensemen, whatever it is, it's the exact hit - and I've gone through a lot of these meetings with the NHL - it's the exact hit they're trying to take out of the game.

Q: You've had a lot of secondary scoring so far this series, but it's also - maybe you need [the] opportunity to have your stars come to fruition as well. You need that one-two punch?

Tippett: They're around some chances, but to get them on the board would certainly help the situation.

Q: On the road now you're going to have to put your lineup out first. Is there going to be a challenge to try and get the match ups that you want that you were able to get in Games 1 and 2 on the ice?

Tippett: No, if you see the way the games have gone there's been lots of tinkering around with both teams. Us more because of injury on Hanzal and Vrbata and they tweaked their lines in the second game, so there's lots of tinkering around. But you just kind of go into a game and see how it plays out.

Q: You said that the Shaw decision has nothing to do with you guys, but they [the league] do take into account the injury occurred - if an injury occurred - so can you at least tell us that you have been in contact with the league about Smith's situation.

Tippett: I'm sure that's Don Maloney. You'd have to ask him. The league deals with the general managers, not the coaches.

Q: Was there something that presented itself about Smith's situation that made you want to hold him out of practice [Monday]?

Tippett: No, that's just our prerogative. Whether it's an injury day or a rest day our perrogaive is we don't have to tell everybody why a player practices or not practices. Why would we do that?

Q: So there was nothing that happened after the game that made you worry about his health a little bit?

Tippett: That's inconsequential to what [people] outside our locker room has to know.

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