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Video: Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith elbows Canucks forward Daniel Sedin

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It never takes long for the Blackhawks' rivalry with the Vancouver Canucks to get going. On Wednesday, it was Hawks defenseman Duncan Keith elbowing Canucks forward Daniel Sedin in the head in the first period.

Here's the video:

Similar plays have resulted in suspensions for players. Phoenix Coyotes forward Shane Doan was suspended Wednesday for elbowing Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn in the face on Tuesday. Keith, though, doesn't have the suspension history that Doan has.

Keith's actions came not long after Canucks defenseman Alexander Edler checked rookie forward Andrew Shaw hard into the glass. It also came after Sedin hit Keith in his head earlier in the game with his shoulder along the boards.

Here's a video of Sedin's hit on Keith:

Keith received two minutes for elbowing Sedin, which came at 13:36 in the first. Sedin left the ice, holding his wrist. Sedin took one more shift in the period, coming on for the ensuing power play, but he didn't return after that.

UPDATE: Daniel Sedin is reportedly out indefinitely with a concussion suffered when Duncan Keith hit him in the head with his elbow.

Keith said after the game he didn't know if Sedin landed a hard, high check on him prior to his elbow.

"No. I don't think so," Keith said. "I think on that play - and I haven't seen the replay so it's tough for me to comment too much on it - but I'm not trying to hurt anybody. I hope he's OK. He's one of their best players so he needs to be on the ice.

"The puck was up in the air from what I remember and I'm trying to close my gap and have a good gap on him. Right at the last second, he moves forward. I don't know where the puck is. It's fast. Like I said, I hope he's OK. I need to see the replay. I need to see it again."

Does Keith think a suspension is looming for him?

"I can't comment on those things," Keith said. "I'm out there playing my game. Like I said, I'm not trying to hurt anybody. It's a fast game."

Cancuks center Henrik Sedin was livid after the game. He insinuated that Keith said he's get his brother Daniel, who will be re-evalauted on Thursday, back for his hit.

"Everything was all right until you get hits like that," Henrik Sedin said. "Again, it's not part of hockey and it's too bad it comes from a guy that's supposed to be a tough player that plays hard. It shouldn't be a part of the game, especially when you hear comments, too, from him before it happened from guys and then they do it. That's too bad."

Did it surprise him that the elbow came from Keith?

"Yeah, a little bit. A little bit," Henrik Sedin said. "I've got a lot of respect for a lot of guys on their team. There's been things said from their room before, but not from him. He's always been good, but I don't know if it was too [many] emotions playing against us or what it was. Again, it's too bad. I had a lot of respect for him."

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It's wrong to call it dirty. It's a hit, not malicious and without intent to injure.

Just a hit with an elbow in it. Probably a 1-game suspension if anything more than a fine.

Those guys (sedins) are a couple of cream puffs and if they want to play hockey expect to get a little roughed up. If they want to stop illegal and rough play, talk to their guy (s) Burrows and Kesler!

So what does Henrik say about his brothers hit on Dunc with the use of his shoulder ???????

the sedins are you masters. u must all bow down to the back 2 back art ross's. you yanks dont even know the game. canadas game. all you have done is ruin it over the years. too bad. if the cup doesnt end up in van this year, its pitts or nyr. boom. elbows down duncan. i learned that when i was 6

with the shoulder? wut do you say about that? thats wut you do in hockey, you use your shoulders, not your elbows

The Sedins are fairies. That's known league wide. They're playing poorly now and want something to shift the attention from their anemic play. The hit wasn't hard enough to hurt a 90 year old grandmother and only a Sedin would have allowed such a hit to put them out of a game. He is not concussed any more than Keith or anyone else who played last night. If that kind of a hit can concuss him, then he needs to find another vocation. Hockey might be too tough a game for him. He can try chess or backgammon except that those games require a cerebral ability which he completely lacks. Perhaps Chutes and Ladders.

sedins hit on keith guranteed keith would put a hit on him !! what goes around comes around !! thats the beauty of the game !! in conclusion i say, [ -uck the canucks !! !! ]

LOL.. Biased remarks above. He'll get around 5 games for that super dirty move. No room in the NHL for that crap.

No puck, clear elbow to the head, blatant retaliation, Daniel's concussed - he might be looking at more than 5 games. This is an easy suspension for the league. Kieth's a great guy but he really screwed up on this one. If the same hit happened to Toews, you'd all be screaming for a suspension too. Any remarks about daniel being too soft because of a hit like that must be coming from a person who has never played hockey and taken an elbow to the head. It hurts like hell.

Duncan Keith in my mind is GUTLESS. In future games I would hope he is continuously targeted with CLEAN hits by the Canucks, something he can't seem to handle in his prima donna world.

Amazingly, Keith never has any problems with the other 28 NHL teams, just the face washing, hair pulling, soft-player-ambushing Canucks who are suddenly chippy again. Keith let himself get caught up in the Canuck’s “clean” play, but get a grip you pathetic homer. You want to see "gutless" look at Bieksa's face whenever he used to get within 50 feet of John Scott.

Although I love Duncan Keith (on my hockey team in a Fantasy League) that elbow hit would have probably have killed your grandmother. He will get 5 games suspension.

It seems that its always the hawks fault. other teams always get away the the cheap shots to the hawks. one time the hawks dish out what they keep getting and what happens this crap. I think the 5 game suspenion is too excessive.

outside of the elbow to the face, the part that is dirty about it is that Daniel is turning from facing the other way, the puck is in the air, and he is essentially blindsided. Good 5 game suspension and hopefully Sedin is back sooner without longstanding complicatoins like other stars that have been taken from the NHL by head injuries.

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