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Duncan Keith waits to hear his fate from the league

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Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith sounded like he just wanted to get everything over with when the media engulfed his locker-room stall at the United Center after practice Friday.

Keith had a disciplinary hearing with the NHL at 1 p.m. Friday for his elbow to the head of Canucks forward Daniel Sedin on Wednesday night.

In an interesting move late Thursday night, the NHL decided to request an in-person hearing for Keith, which means a suspension of six or more games is possible, after initially scheduling a phone hearing. Hearings over the phone dictate that suspensions must be five games or less.

Keith waived his right to the in-person hearing and the 1 p.m. hearing went on as scheduled, but NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan can still suspend him for more than five games. But there is still no guarantee that Shanahan will, considering Keith has no prior suspension history.

"I think we're going to talk Brendan, see what happens and let the NHL make a decision," Keith said before the hearing. "I respect all the decisions they make.

"I feel like I'm a pretty standup player out on the ice. We'll see what happens."

Sedin is out with a concussion, but the most contentious factor Shanahan will consider and ask Keith about is whether he acted out of retaliation after enduring an earlier high hit from Sedin in the game Wednesday.

Henrik Sedin insinuated that Keith said he was going after his brother Daniel after taking a shoulder-to-head hit from him earlier in the first period. Keith received a two-minute minor for his elbow, but Daniel Sedin was not penalized for his hit. For videos of both hits, click here.

"Everything was all right until you get hits like that," Henrik Sedin said after Wednesday's game. "Again, it's not part of hockey and it's too bad it comes from a guy that's supposed to be a tough player that plays hard. It shouldn't be a part of the game, especially when you hear comments, too, from him before it happened from guys and then they do it. That's too bad."

Keith declined to comment Friday on Sedin's hit, saying "I'm not going to get into everything with what's happened."

Coach Joel Quenneville said he didn't know why the league decided to request an in-person hearing after a phone hearing was already scheduled.

"We'll see how it plays out," Quenneville said. "It's a tough hit. ... He's never done it before. I don't think there's a history there. Whether it's the play, the emotion or the rivalry, a lot goes into it. That's where it's at."

The rivalry between the Hawks and the Canucks and the profile of the players involved has increased the scrutiny. The alleged retaliatory aspect of it too has played a role too.

The only similar situation this season occurred in January when Boston Bruins pest Brad Marchand clipped Canucks defenseman Sami Salo in response to a previous hit. Marchand was suspended five games.

"Obviously, it's a heated rivalry [between the Hawks and Canucks] that has a lot of attention other than the game," Keith said. "There's things that happen. There's lots over the past that have happened with our teams that have gotten a lot of media attention."

More later once the suspension is issued ...

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I hate the canucks but Coach Q is the problem.
"It's a tough hit. ... He's never done it before. I don't think there's a history there. Whether it's the play, the emotion or the rivalry, a lot goes into it. That's where it's at."

This sounds like excuses. How will he feel next week if someone does the same thing to Toews and kills their playoffs? Someone probably should. Maybe then the NHL will finally get it

Toews received a cheap shot, from Thorton, hence the reason he has missed so many games with a supposed concussion. The Canucks deserve all they get. They are one of the dirtiest teams in the league. They can dish it out but not take it. They need to stop whining like a bunch of babies. Keith will be suspended as he should be. But if they are going to dole out punishments they should start with the first hit and not just always punish the second person. If they are going to get it under contorl they need to make these refs make better decisions on the ice in regards to these hits. Not just passing out punishments afterwards.

Maybe someone should do the same thing to Toews? Seriously? Why do you think he's been out of the line up for the last 13 games?

How long Keith gets suspended will say alot about the NHL's "policies" on head hits. 2 days ago Doan gets 3 games for an elbow to the face and he is a repeat offender. The Canucks have head hunted, pulled hair, and bit players and are the only team this season to not have a player suspended. REALLY?

Yep Keith needs to sit as much as I hate to say it, but if the NHL is serious about this, take a few bucks out of Sedin's pocket for his head hit. At least it shows the initial hits are being looked at.

BTW how do they know he will be out 2 weeks with his "concussion"? NO NHL team talks specifically about injuries that quickly and as we all know with Toews you cannot tell how long it will be to any exact time frame.

LMAO! It always cracks me up to see Hawks fans whine,cry, bitch and moan about how the Canucks are "whining like a bunch of babies"... try looking in a mirror. the best part though that I really love the "dirtiest team in the league" excuse that always gets dragged out when the Canucks are THE ONLY TEAM IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE that has not had a player suspended or fined for THE ENTIRE SEASON... look it up and take off the homer glasses moron.

Bad decision Duncan, I'm sure he feels remorse, and I'm sure he'll take his punishment like a man. The sedin's aren't known for their hitting, but what is daniel's comment and feelings on the hit he made earlier??? If you keep an eye on both sedin's they don't hit much, (probably because they don't want to get hit back), watch the way they use their sticks for the quiet cheap shot....their pretty good at that

I hope the only punishment Keith gets is a hair cut, seriously. There was a time when fighters were allowed to fight and players didn't take cheap shots. Justice was served on the ice, these suspensions are not going to stop anything. A fourth liner can knock a 1st or 2nd liner out of a playoff series, what team isn't going to take that trade. Kill the instigator rule!!

Toews IS out with a concussion that was the result of a cheap shot from Joe Thornton. The difference is that Thornton got away with it.


I think the Sharks already did that to Toews. How many games has he missed so far?

"Homer" comment

Big difference
Thortons shot on Joanie wasn't permeditated.

This hit tarnishes the entire Hawk franchise.
How they have fallen from 2 years ago is remarkable.
They have taken their "hatred" one step over the line.

Haha yah no suspensions cus they play clean duh

Clearly this is all about some type of biased preferential treatment for Sedin and his team for some reason! 1stly, by NOT calling anything about the hit earlier by Sedin which proved suspicious but typical treat sometimes for favorites by refs. 2ndly, Now that a hit was made which was clarly not premeditated and , rather, over the puck's random deflection real time affecting player displacement to chase it. then again now the call gets placed. And, now since there is a concussion and some whining over it, a chance to further discipline the already clearly biased player's actions. Prepostuerrous.

The Canucks know how long D. Sedin will be out because they have figured out how long it takes for his vagina to heal. Keith made a bad decision, but if you got hit in the head by essentially was the same type of hit, shoulder or elbow both hits were high and the other Sedin sister should be suspended as well. If the NHL wants to take this path they need to suspend both players.

5 Game suspension, that's reasonable in my opinion, I've seen others (elbow's) that are only 3 games, Dunc will take it like a man and do his time and not complain, he got what he deserved and he know's it! I'm sure Daniel is just fine and will be back in the lineup in a day or two, Vancouver was hoping for more I'm sure, hopefully they'll (the Canucks) will move on, play hockey and not make more outta this, because the spot lite could turn on them, they have many elbow's fly'n everygame I'm sure! Hopefully these two will meet in the playoff's, now that would be entertaining to say the least!

5 games is what he deserved. Duncan Keith is not a dirty player, but he made a dirty play. Also, to all the Hawks fan who like to cry about the Canucks being a dirty team with a bunch of goons, please stick to the American sports you know. Hockey is a game that belongs to Canada and Canadians. Please do not pretend that you know anything about playing hockey, because you don`t. The good news is this team is going the same direction as Vince Vaughn`s career, no where. You got your cup, now shut your traps and wait another 47 years for it to happen again.

**** you.I grew up a Blackhawk fan .I'm from Canada where we know a little bit about hockey.Stupid Americans.Stupid.

EXACTLY! Nicely put

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