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Blackhawks' Duncan Keith suspended five games for elbowing Canucks' Daniel Sedin

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I bet you (Shanahan ) never went 7 years in a row without a suspention? Yea you really took ino consideration Keiths past - right. Max you can give a player by phone is 5 games.

Wayne you must not follow to well, Keith waived his right to have a person to person meeting. And yes Shanahan went his entire career without getting a suspension becuase he was a sissy on the ice. Thats why i thinks it is crazy that he is handing out suspensions. He was good but he was a sissy that never fought nor hit.

Keith basically got away scot-free here. A five-minute major really would've been a stiffer punishment than five meaningless end-of-season games. I guess in Shanny's NHL you can knock out another team's stars with no payback from the League. It works out pretty good for the Hawks this time, but it sets a real dangerous precedent going forward. Someone is gonna take it over the line sooner or later and it's rulings like this one that will have set the stage for the next Bertuzzi-style incident.

5 games is subjectively reasonable, but it's inconsistent with previous rulings this year. See Engelland (vs. Kruger) and Bourque (vs. Backstrom) for example. Engelland's factors, like Keiths, are: Illegal hit, caused concussion, clean record. He got 3 games. Bourque's factors were Illegal hit, caused concussion, repeat offender. He got 5 games.

So I guess what I'm saying is I'd be okay with Keith getting 5 if Engelland got 5 as well (and probably 7-8 for Bourque).

Well looks like Mr.Shanahan is covering all of his bases! But why give Duncan the max penalty when out of a 7 year career in the NHL, one of the hardest playing defensemen in the league, had only one prior incident/blemish a situation which was settled with a fine? Keith is far from being a so called,'bruiser',so Shanahan didn't have to give him the max, this not only hurts Keith, it hurts the Blackhawk's organization due to the playoff race with only a handful of games remaining, each one more important than the next! Let's go Hawks, keep it together.

I agree it was unfair. However, Keith needs the R & R and the Hawks need to finish 6th (not 5th or 4th) so that they can get a winnable 1st Round match-up with an ice cold team (Stars, Coyotes or Sharks) instead of Nashville or Detroit. Hopefully, the better teams will be beat out or beat up by the 2nd Round. In the meantime, the next few Hawk games mean almost nothing - a point here and a point there will do just fine.

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